Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I always wanted to be a poet.

As most of you know, I've moved into a place of my own now, and I'm slowly going through the crap I have left at my parents' house. Well, I took an advanced writing class as one of my electives for senior year in high school, and today I came across the notebook we had to turn in at the end of the year. Here's a ridiculously funny sampling...

The assignment here was to write a poem about cliches:
the sweet little girl,
with hair full of curls,
looked down upon the spider with fear.
as she screamed like a banshee,
her curls fell out,
and her eyes grew as large as tea saucers.

Another assignement was to make a pillow book. A pillow book is a collection of things that are described by a single word. A sampling of my tragedy:
elegant things:
a black funeral casket, lined with silver trim, and silk insides.
The beautiful child lying inside of that casket in her lovely dress.
Velvet. Black velvet, red velvet, blue velvet, all velvet.
Furry things:
puppies who have been brushed with a silver comb (why silver, Marianne??)
Brown things:
Teddy bears that have been sitting on your bed for years and years, which you refuse to admit that you own.
The bark of an old, gnarly tree in the wintertime.
Sad things (as if the casket wasn't enough??)
a newly hit racoon lying peacefully, but perished, on the side of the interstate. We all know that it's fate was sealed as soon as its tiny, unknowing paw touched the asphalt.
A man who is too old to learn much of anything new and technological working at McDonald's (DAMN!).
Seeing a child cry over the dead sparrow who ran into the window; or for the tiny, baby squirrel who has been mauled by a dog and is painfully awaiting its death (HOLY CRAP! Graphic, much??)
Disgusting things:
Walking around with your fly unzipped for three hours.
A spider that was smooshed on the wall and left there by some kid for the world to see.

Also, apparently I was "angry at the m&m's for melting in my hand" while I was writing a poem, and trying to rhyme with "sand".

Friday, December 01, 2006

Peach Blossom tea at Ching ching cha in Georgetown

It's one of their "artisan teas". It starts out as a tiny little ball, and opens up to a very pretty blossom as it steeps (It tastes like a Jasmine green tea).

Garth and I went there today as part of my research for my thesis. You know you're spoiled when eating delicious cuisine and drinking the finest teas is considered "research" for your thesis... :)