Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I ask you:

When are Doc Marten's going to come back into style? I mean, yes, for some of us, they were never OUT of style. But I can only think of two or three people in the general population that I've seen wearing them in the last month...

That, to me, is WIERD. I mean, I'm wearing mine right now, and for at least the past 8 years this one pair has been my good companion during the winter months (and occasionally during the summer). 8 YEARS! I paid, I think, about 65 pounds for these in London, which probably was around $80 at the time. That's 10 dollars a year. And they remain the most comfortable, and probably the most sturdy, shoe I own.

Anyways. My point is, fashion comes and goes, and I remember in the mid-90s, when I got these, that almost everyone had a pair, even very, very preppy people, because omigosh, they're just so darn great!

So c'mon people, support the Doc Marten stock!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Well, papa got a brand new toy! Garth brought home a DS system with Nintendogs on it, and as I type, he is sitting to my left, playing with Nipsy, his new beagle (which, incidentally, cost him $510 of his $1000 available in the game). And now he's gone and spent $10.50 on food, and water.

"Is he short-haired?" Garth asks.
"Yes, sweety."
"I think I should buy him some shampoo."

And so it goes. I have to say, it's quite fun! I got to go to the 'kennel', and play with several puppies. Wooo! But right now I'm just sitting here playing on my lovely toy, while he plays with his!

In other news, here's a picture of Kim, who hates having her picture taken, but being the deviant that I am... I didn't listen! ^_^

and again, I *sigh*....

A very sad week, indeed. Now I log onto AOl to find that Darren McGavin has died.

Best known for his TV work, and (more importantly to me) for playing the father in 'A Christmas Story', we've lost one of the greats

Oh tempermental father, who loves his Christmas turkey, but hates the Bumpus hounds -

here's to you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


As someone who was raised on 'The Andy Griffith Show', and 'I Love Lucy', I was very sad to come home this evening and discover thta Don Knotts has died. It makes me sadder still to realize that there are probably a bunch of teenagers out there on AOL thinking "SO WHAT? Who was he, anyways? Furthermore, what is Andy Griffith, and why put THAT on my AOL news page??"

Here's to you, Barney Fife.

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Mainly for Garth, Timoni, and Chris, all of whom I think wanted to see more of Rashid's work.

1. The "Shimmer" photo frame

2. The "worganic" shelving system

3. "LaCie" USB cable

4. The "Sway" trash can (I have this, in Orange. It's GREAT!)

5. the "Orgy" couch

6. Some wallpaper he designed for Wolf-Gordon wallpapers

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the brilliance of Karim Rashid

For those of you who don't know, Karim Rashid is one of my favorite designers. His stuff is totally uninhibited, and I feel like it has studied, considered, and completely disregarded precedents so that it has become something almost entirely new and innovative. Basically: it is great. So anyway, I'm trying to familiarize myself with him some more, and I just read a few interviews. For one of them he answered "the questionaire of marcel proust', which was something of a parlour game in 19th century salons. A few of his answers were so much like what I would have answered, I was amazed. Others left me taken aback, such as "I don't like nature". Regardless, I'm going to fill out the questionaire, but I'm leaving some of the answers that he wrote because they're exactly what I would have wanted to say (those statements are followed by a **).

the main lineaments of my character.
the obsessive desire to create and/or design

a quality I desire in a man.
honest / aesthetic.

a quality I desire in a woman.
loyal / respectful.

what I appreciate most among my friends.
time spent together.

my principal defect.
a bent towards unneccessary sadness.

my favourite occupation.
letting my mind create whatever it wants and then sketching it/ writing it down.

my dream of felicity.
seeing my ideas realized**

what would for me be the biggest misfortune.
losing my right hand.

whom I would like to be.
a more dedicated Christian.

were I would like to live.
everywhere at the same time**

the colour I prefer.
grey or red.

the flower I love.
the japanese cherry blossom.

the bird I prefer.
the peacock and the raven.

my favourite authors.
I don't do much reading these days.

my favourite poets.
Byron, Shakespeare.

my heroes in fiction.
Again - not much reading lately

my heroines in fiction.
Again - not much reading lately

my favourite composers.
creative rock musicians

my favourite artists.
Chuck close, Damien Loeb

my heroes in real life.
people who do something original in this world**

my heroines in history.
the early christian martyrs

my favourite names.
I don't know

what I hate most.
I don't know.

the historic characters I dislike most.

the military enterprise I like the most.
I don't really care.

the reformation I appreciate the most.
I haven't studied them enought to know

nature’s gift I would like to have.
that I would never need to sleep.**

how I would like to die.

my soul's present condition.
on a global mission.**

the faults I can bear.
not everything can be perfect.**

my motto.
I want to change the world..**

Monday, February 13, 2006

Best Weekend Ever

This weekend was filled with three things that made it incredible.

First: Lots of 'Arrested Development' was involved. That's ALWAYS a good time!

Second: There was snooooooow, glorious snooooooooooooowwww! I didn't want to go anywhere Saturday night because my parents were out of town and if I got stranded somewhere that would leave Prada and McGee at home to fend for themselves with no ability to get food or water if they ate everything they had. And they'd get cold if the electricity went out or something. So, long story short, Garth ended up coming over and we played in the snow until 3 am, and built a "zombie snowman", who now sits guarding my driveway, and frightening neighborhood children. ^_^

THIRD: Chibi Robo (the new game for Gamecube). SO. INCREDIBLY. ADDICTIVE. (not to mention one of my favorite games I've ever played. I like it better than Katamari, and that's saying a lot).

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Most importantly (followed by subtexts A and B)

Well, for the second time in 2 months I have a new computer. In my effort to remain eternally clumsy, I tripped on a rug while carying my Christmas-laptop to it's carrying case, and dropped it, square on its corner, on our hardwood floor.

Hands flew to my temples, a terrified cry escaped from my lips, and I dropped to my knees while frightfully gathering it up. The frame of my BEAUTIFUL, SEXXXY, NEW laptop had a little crack, and the corner was dented. The CD drive had popped open. I shut the drive, turned the computer on, and all seemed to be ok. Shaken, and very, very upset, I felt a little relief, but then noticed that the monitor's body had popped out of it's joints... er... frame... something like that. But the internet still worked...

Anyways, it turns out that the CD drive had totally broken, and although the top would shut, the latch had to be operated manually now, and there was most likely some horrendous internal damage (it fell HARD) that wouldn't show up until 6 months from now, at which point it'd probably crash completely. Besides, I couldn't have a computer with no DVD/CD drive, and that latch was totally annoying.

So tonight Garth and I went to Circuit city, where they exchanged my new Toshiba for a newer HP. They've got basically the same specs, except the HP is a little smaller in perimeter than the Toshiba was. Oh. My old model was discontinued, so they had to give me a new one. So. Yeah.

A of all...

A couple of pictures I took in my pjs a couple of days ago, during a moment of vanity.

B of all...

A few of my final drawings from my furniture design "precedent" research project.