Friday, March 31, 2006

Oh, Craigslist, you are so priceless to me!

I found this while looking up Murky in missed connections. Because it's FUN!!

"I work from home... I'm a professional who lives on the Hill, and I struggle sometimes to find ways to break up my day. I hit the gym, go for walks, pop over to Eastern Market... but what I'd REALLY like to find is a sexy neighbor in a similar predicament who'd like to take occasional afternoon breaks with me. I don't have any crazy sexual fetishes -- though I am quite libidinous and creative -- so I'm not explicitly looking for anything bizarre. (Unless you find the thought of afternoon sex bizarre, in which case we're not a match.) I'm good looking, I'm told -- I have great eyes -- and definitely safe/safe and d/d-free.

If you're even a little bit interested, let's meet at, say, Murky Coffee to chat about the possibilities..."

I wish it was for Clarendon though, and not the Capitol Hill Murky, because I'm there almost every afternoon, and it'd be really entertaining to look at the couples that came in and speculate... ^_^

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Mannequin 4, or Elizabeth
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Elizabeth is FINISHED!

She's #4 in my mannequin series, a comment on the fleetingness of worldly beauty; how it fails to make you happy; and the unrealistic expectations put on women to beautify themselves (which is why I paint mannequins, not real people. Because no one can live up to it).

It's taken me 8 months to finish painting this one, purely out of a lack of time, not because I've been working very hard on it... but it's good, and it's done, and I've already got people fighting over who gets it!!

:::and she let out a happy sigh:::

Now. To save up and buy my next canvas! I already have the subject photographed and ready to paint (actually, I have the next 4 subjects picked out)!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Another shamless theivery from Ginny.

For those of you who don't know, Ginny teaches English over in Iraq. That's about all you need to know (because I don't want to have to kill you, my faithful readers). Giny and Kiki, sorry, this will be old news to you! ^_^

From Ginny:
I asked my Advanced Conversation class to come up with a list of cultural presuppositions they had about the West, and America in particular. Some of them are pretty interesting, so I thought I'd share them with you....

- People are loose. We get that idea from Hollywood and TV programs.
- There are lots of sins - sex, drugs, alcohol, crimes.
- Most families are dysfunctional.
- Kids leave their families too early.
- Old people aren't supported by their families.
- The media forms the way Americans view everything.
- Americans only care about themselves.
- The United States is trying to control the wealth of the Middle East.
- The American dream has been perverted by politicians.
- Americans are uneducated and don't know about other parts of the world.
- The style of life is too tiring.
- Americans are too time conscious.
- Americans enjoy money.
- Racism is prevalent.
- The Zionist Lobby (i.e., Jews) controls US policy and runs America.
- Americans misunderstand liberty and pervert the idea of freedom.
- They only believe the best about their administration (government).
- Americans respect God, but don't observe His actions in their lives.

We talked about positive stereotypes, and these suggestions were offered:

- The USA has the best model in the world of different ethnicities living together in relative harmony.
- The USA develops the best technology and has the strongest education system, and they share those things.
- Most innovations come from America.
- If you work hard, you'll receive a lot.
- Sometimes there are good families.

Class ended before we could finish positive presuppositions. At least, I hope that's why there aren't more listed! We'll continue this topic in a few days. If anything interesting comes up, I'll share more. Your thoughts?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


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My mom got a bouquet of flowers from church this week. It's sitting on our table in a display of Easter glory, so I photographed it. I've got about 10 more on my flickr site (, but this was my favorite by far.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Uneventful weekends are often delightful

It's been a good weekend. Not eventful. But good.... I don't really know what to say about it, but it's been several days since I updated, so here I am... so... A summary, perhaps? Yes.

Bullet points are best for this kind of moment, I believe.

+ Going to Dr. Dremo's for birthday parties is fun (Robert turned 30!).
+ Garth and I have about an equal prowess at Air Hockey. He beat me by three points, but it was only after a long while, during which we unskillfully and haphazardly knocked the puck back and forth (and then lost it over the edge of the table).
+ V for Vendetta was an excellent movie. It should be required viewing.
+ I’m SO STOKED for May 26, whereupon, X-Men III is released.
+ I may, perhaps, get glasses. I don't *want* to get glasses. But I may have to. ... OK, actually, I *do* want glasses, but only as a fashion accessory. Not out of necessity.
+ I DO, however, have the glasses I want picked out, should I need them.
+ My kitty is fun to annoy.
+ Gap is absurd. They had this pair of jeans that was the exact same cut as another, except they were from a different dye lot, so they were $10 more expensive. THAT. IS. STUPID. So I didn't buy them. Hmph.
+ The best microwave dinner I have ever had, far and away, is Stouffer’s “Rigatoni with roasted white meat chicken” (and basil-pesto sauce).

My realization of the week: I haven't gotten sick at ALL this winter. Not once. Not even a cold! Obviously I've had the odd day where I felt terrible because I hadn't gotten sleep and was too tired to function, but sick? NEVER! Praise the Lord.

oh mournful day...

oh mournful day...
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I've given up sweets for lent. Unfortunately this week is my mum's birthday, but I can't feast on her cake.


At church!

At church!
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I like this photo! I've never taken photos at church before. WHY!?

The stairway at Dr. Dremo's

The stairway at Dr. Dremo's
Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
The stairway at Dr. Dremo's, where Robert had his birthday party. Out of the whole evening, this is the only picture I *really* like.


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The stupid Gap jeans. Do these look ANY different to you? Honestly... }:(

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a complete and total waste of time...

I found this fun, Korean website that lets you make your own "doll". It's all in English, which is great, except for the backgrounds which have Korean in them. But it's like the Koreans stole the Japanese Puricura, and created this site!

In my vanity, I used it to make 'Marianne Dolls'. I also have animated GIFs of them, where they wink at me over and over again. Heehee. Anyhow, here you go (I even put Prada in the pictures! Can't forget my bunny ^_^).

Also, here are a few of the Puricura from my Japanese days:


Look at those eyes!!
Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
A tribute to one of the most popular Japanese "brands" for kids (unfortunately I don't have a fish-eye lense, so I did the best I could).

Last night I visite Kim at her dog-sitting residence. We watched Jeopardy and Friends, and ate delicious pasta.

I took this because Lucy's eyes are so incredible lovely! (That's Kim's foot on the lower right hand edge... :)


Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
We went to Super H Mart last week, and I bought my Pocari Sweat (as I do every time I'm there). I also bought some fantstic Jpanese Curry and lots of Rice... but the Pocari is my first love.

Unfortunately, I just finished it at lunch. And now I'm going to go CRY.

Shamelessly stolen from Ginny's blog!

Go to your page and list the last fifteen people who have made comments. If someone has commented twice, skip to the next new commenter.***

***NOTE: Ok, I only have about 5 people who comment on my blog - SO YOU SHOULD ALL START COMMENTING, DARN IT! - so after those 5, I'm going to use the last 10 people from my incoming calls list on my cell phone.***

1. Timoni
2. Kiki
3. Ginny
4. Garth
5. Debbie
6. Kim K.
7. Drea
8. Mike
9. Todd
10. Jen
11. Chris
12. Alicia
13. Andrew
14. Albert
15. Cara Leigh

Have you ever kissed #4? NOOOO!... NEEEEEVER.... Oh. Wait. I mean yes.

What's the best memory you have of #10? The first time I saw Jen was around 2001 or so, and she was doing the announcements for Crosspoint. She got up on the stage without her shoes on, and pointed out her adorable, printed socks, and then started talking about how she wanted to wear cool socks for her first time giving announcements. And I instantly loved her, because I, too, make a point of wearing fun socks.

Why are you friends with #9? Because Todd is hilarious! He is quirky in the best way, and always has ideas that seem completely ridiculous, but end up being really really funny when carried out (like when we backed through the drive-thru at Wendy's. Or the time that we bought a crow call, and then stood in the woods trying to get crows to come. It worked really well, btw :).

When's the next time you're gonna see #6? Kim and I hang out ATT. It'll probably be next Tuesday, but hopefully sooner!

What does #12 love most in the world? Next to God, I'd say her family. She's such a dedicated mommy and wife (and one of my best friends in the world!)

Tell something juicy about number #15: Cara Leigh once saved a kitten from underneath a burning porch.

What impresses you about #1? Her impressive knowledge of Literature, Computers, and Music.

What do you like about #8? I seriously have to narrow it down to a few things? Mike was one of my Best Friends in college! I guess... well, his sense of humor, his playful actions, his easy going personality, and, of COURSE, his adoration of Boy Bands!

What's your favorite memory of #2? Hm, Kiki, I dunno! I guess going to those Bible Study leader meetings in College. Particularly those couple of walks back from Bart's place, when we'd giggle a lot and talk about things like clothing, boys, and music. I wish we'd spent more time together though. What great times we would have had!!

What was your first impression of #7? Harken back to 1993! Haha. Drea and I didn't like each other AT ALL! She'd been missing Sunday school to work in the nursery, and I was new in Sunday school. I'd made friends with her friends - so to her I was the intruder, and to me, she was a threat. But a few weeks later we had a sleep-over (goodness knows why, since we didn't really like each other!)... the next morning we made blueberry crumb-cake, and we were inseperable for the next 6 years. Thus one of the best friends of my life was made.

How did you meet #3? I met Ginny through Kiki and Sarah D, I think. We both lived in Willard for two years at Mary Washington. I am so LUCKY to have her!

Do you think #13 could kill someone? Yes. And he probably knows 20 ways to do it!! That's what you learn in the Army Reserves, even if you're a medic :)

Is #11 your best friend? No... he used to be one of them, but he didn't make the final cut. Probably because he's not a girl, and my long-term best friends tend to be girls.

Do you think #2 has a crush on you? Well let's be honest. Who DOESN'T??

Who does # 14 spend the most time with? Bono! Ok, so he just *wishes* it was Bono. Actually it's God. After that, I'd assume it's the staff at church. But far and away, God (I think!).

What is the last thing you did with #1? Dropped off Valentine's Day cookies at her house. And we're actually in the middle of e-mailing back and forth about how we can spend more time together since we have totally opposite schedules.

Have you ever been to #3's house? Every chance I get!!!

Would you ever kiss #5? Well, I would on the cheek, but she wouldn't let me, because she doesn't like physical affection ^_^

How do you know #4? We were Timoni's mutual friends who joined her at KatsuCon (the anime convention! ;) last February. NOW we're boyfriend and girlfriend!!!

Have you ever slept with #5? YES!!! I can't kiss Debbie on the cheek, but darn it, I've slept with her! When we got back to Japan from Thailand in January '03, Shimonoseki was SO COLD that we slept in a huddled ball on the heating carpet with heating blankets, and tons of futon bedding to keep us warm.

Do you think #6 is sexy? Yes, I think so!

Have you ever liked #7? Of course, Drea's my best friend! But not romantically, no.

Where is the last place you went with #8? Last time I saw Mike, we were at the Silver Diner with Andrew

Are you real close to #9? Todd & I are really good friends, and know almost everything about each other. I guess that means we're close. We don't hang out much right now though, so... are we still "close"? I don't know!!!!!

What kind of relationship do you have with #10? She was my Bible Study leader, and is my friend. I admire her, and I've rarely met anyone who walked so closely with the Lord. She's amazing (and adorable!). One thing I love most about Jen is that she understands me when I say silly or random things, because she days and does the same kinds of things.

Have you ever kissed #11? Oh cruel fate, for picking this boy for this question... you KNOW he didn't want to admit that we were dating!

Have you ever been to the movies with #12? All the time, in college!

Have you ever gotten in trouble with #13? Andrew and I have had many a shennanigan.

Would you ever make a move on #14? Albert leads worship at Crosspoint! You don't make move on your worship leader!! HONESTLY, now!

What do you and #15 talk about the most? I think we've always shared a love for talking about boys (though at this age it would be "men", I believe).

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I gave my cat some tunafish this morning as a little treat (she loves nothing mroe than eating!... except, perhaps, sleeping. Or pooping in inapproprate places...) ANYways, it's about 6 hours later now, but my hands STILL smell like tuna! If only I had one of those steel, soap-shaped things that you can use to get rid of smells on your hands. But I don't. And right now it's time for class, so I'll have to deal with it later.

Monday, March 20, 2006

If weekends were nutrition, I'd be the healthiest girl in the world

Well, this weekend has followed up my weekend in NY quite nicely, I must say. Thursday was great, but ended badly (with one slightly bent and broken Ford Explorer…), but it was straight uphill from there!

Friday started off with, basically, re-familiarizing myself with AutoCAD, but moved on to pleasant pastures. Garth & I sort of co-hosted a game night at his house (the official title was “ZOMBIE OUTBURST!!!!” because we played ‘Outburst’ and then watched ‘Wild Zero’… a wonderful, silly movie about zombies and starring the famed Japanese band ‘Guitar Wolf’. And to preface the evening, I cooked up a bunch of Japanese food for everyone to eat. As my beloved cohorts on that island would say: DERICIOUS!!(below - beef + ginger + sesame + mystery ingredients = gyoza from scratch!)

Garth and I had declared (for the last week or two) that this Saturday was going to be “the day ‘o nothing”, during which we would do, yes, you guessed it, NOTHING. It was great. Uber relaxing. In the end we actually *did* do things – Breakfast with Rob at Table Talk, and then he came back with us to take a look at my car (he’s building a Porsche from old parts, so he’s something of a body expert). After that I did more AutoCAD while Garth did taxes (bah! we had to do work! ;), and THEN, we just sort of sat around doing nothing much. It was perfect 

But today topped off everything, like the sweetest icing on a cake. After church, Garth and I ended up going to Tysons (where I had a bit of a pants-buying mishap at Gap), and then had a delicious lunch at Five Guys (MMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!) This was followed with 2 or 3 hours of Pride and Prejudice, and THEN…

We saw the best concert E-V-A-H!

Ok, so actually, Sigur Ros was the best concert I’ve ever seen, but this was, by far, the most FUN concert I’ve ever been to.

The opening acts were – Speak Demonic and the Medications. The Medications, obviously, are good, but I’d never heard Speak Demonic before. Their name is incredibly sketchy, but they’re just a fabulous blend of viola, mild electronica, and drums. I bought a CD because they’ll be great for studying too. Very Hypnotic.

But the main act was – Go! Team, who is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, people! I knew I liked them and all before hand, but man. I came away loving them heart and soul ^_^ The lead singer is this tiny, adorable, black British girl (the whole bunch of them are British) who is peppy beyond belief. The whole show reminded me of a 5th grade sock hop I went to, where everybody was in the best mood they’d been in for weeks, just shouting along with the words (there’s lots of cheerleader-esque chanting in the songs), watching the band members dance around in their knee-high socks, and bobbing about with gleeful, happy abandon.

Serious fun, folks!!

(btw, she was NEVER not moving [none of them were], which made photos hard :)

And now I’m sitting here wide awake, listening to Madonna. I’ll probably go make some softies in a minute.

Friday, March 17, 2006

What's The Luckiest Job?

According to, I have jobs #3 & #4 of what people see as the best jobs in my future :)

What's The Luckiest Job?
By Dan Malachowski,

Some people have jobs that seem fun, offer cool perks and rewards, or make them happy to go to work each day. We sometimes want to say: "Wow, that person is lucky to have a job like that!" In honor of St. Patrick's Day 2006, and AOL stacked up the luckiest jobs in the land. Based on a poll of 500 employees, the top 10 luckiest jobs were discovered at the end of the rainbow. Workers who have jobs like these are thanking their lucky stars this St. Patrick's Day.

The Top 10 Luckiest Jobs
Job Title % of Vote Median Salary
1. Actor 23.6% Median Salary
2. Photographer 12.9% Median Salary
3. Interior Designer 9.0% Median Salary
4. Artist 7.7% Median Salary
5. Film/Stage Director 6.0% Median Salary
6. Head Coach (College) 4.3% Median Salary
7. Judge 3.9% Median Salary
8. Executive Chef 3.4% Median Salary
9. Helicopter Pilot 3.4% Median Salary
10. Producer 3.0% Median Salary

Source: / March 2006

BTW - Helicopter Pilot??

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Japanese Build Elderly Robotica

I got a pictoral heads up about this from Kiki.

What in the world will they think of next, I ask you!!
  • Elderly companionship!
  • Tuesday, March 14, 2006

    The streets are paved with diamonds...

    Garth and I spent the weekend in NY City livin' it up! We went up there with the express goal of getting me to Architectural Digest's Home show and Furniture Expo. I had medium expectations - I knew that AD would put out a pretty good show, and there would be a good crowd, but oh MAN, it was above and beyond my expectations!

    As we all know that pictures speak volumes above the words I could use to desicribe the trip, I will just say: Expo, Guggenheim Museum, Puppies (no, really, we stumbled into a gen-u-ine PUPPY STORE!!), the Whitney Gallery, mannequin shots (for my paintings), great food, and walking, walking, walking! It was fabulous :) Seriously. I've rarely had a better weekend in NY, and I've had my fair share.

    And now: the pictures (there are more on Flickr, too :)

    Monday, March 13, 2006

    Angry Judge Halts Moussaoui Sentencing Trial

    "ALEXANDRIA, Va. (March 13) -- An angry federal judge considered Monday whether to dismiss the government's death penalty case against confessed al-Qaida conspirator Zacarias Moussaoui after a federal attorney coached witnesses in violation of her rules."

    Holy Crap.

    I don't care WHAT the attorney did. The man CONFESSED. He's guilty. For planning 9-11 things. If it was up to me (which it's not, which is good, because our judicial system usually works just fine, so I don't want to replace it with vigilantism... and I don't know if that's a word or not...), then he would be put to death tomorrow. The fact that a judge would possibly throw out this case just makes me really angry. The man is a guilty, vile man, and he should be punished.

    Monday, March 06, 2006

    Mayflowers, Airplanes, and Oscars

    Well, this weekend has been a fabulous start to my spring break. Friday we went into DC for Mike's party at the Mayflower hotel bar (about which it is commonly said: 'drinks may be $12, but that's ok. You only need one!'... and it's TRUE! My Fuzzy Navel was delicious and perfect).

    On Saturday Garth, Louise and I marched into DC, and saw a couple of exhibits at the Hirshorn (one of which was pretty good, and another one which sucked - the latter featured a video of static rooms with badly rendered airplanes flying through it for 10 mintues). And on the way back to the Metro we stopped to see an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G exhibit on Hokusai at the Sackler Gallery. Granted, I love Japanese art more than the average person (being the nipponphile that I am), but seriosuly. Everyone should go see it. Hokusai has a style that will impress pretty much everyone (and everyone has heard of him too, even if you don't think you have - he's very famous for his '36 views of Mt. Fuji'. SEE?? You know him ^_^). Anyway. He's long been one of my favorites because he's loose, but there's something manga-like ot his work, even though it was done back in the 17- and 1800s.

    AND FINALLY...! The Oscar Party ended up being a huge success!! The only thing that would've made it better would have been an appearance on Matt Hoffman (Yes, that's right. I said YOU, Matt!). People trickled in and out, but, around 12 or 13 people came by, and it was perfect! Thanks to everyone who showed up - I had a great time checking out dresses, awards speeches, and drinking insane amounts of root beer :)

    Unfortunately, I have to buy new batteries for my digicam, so I didn't get to take any photos. Poo.