Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I always wanted to be a poet.

As most of you know, I've moved into a place of my own now, and I'm slowly going through the crap I have left at my parents' house. Well, I took an advanced writing class as one of my electives for senior year in high school, and today I came across the notebook we had to turn in at the end of the year. Here's a ridiculously funny sampling...

The assignment here was to write a poem about cliches:
the sweet little girl,
with hair full of curls,
looked down upon the spider with fear.
as she screamed like a banshee,
her curls fell out,
and her eyes grew as large as tea saucers.

Another assignement was to make a pillow book. A pillow book is a collection of things that are described by a single word. A sampling of my tragedy:
elegant things:
a black funeral casket, lined with silver trim, and silk insides.
The beautiful child lying inside of that casket in her lovely dress.
Velvet. Black velvet, red velvet, blue velvet, all velvet.
Furry things:
puppies who have been brushed with a silver comb (why silver, Marianne??)
Brown things:
Teddy bears that have been sitting on your bed for years and years, which you refuse to admit that you own.
The bark of an old, gnarly tree in the wintertime.
Sad things (as if the casket wasn't enough??)
a newly hit racoon lying peacefully, but perished, on the side of the interstate. We all know that it's fate was sealed as soon as its tiny, unknowing paw touched the asphalt.
A man who is too old to learn much of anything new and technological working at McDonald's (DAMN!).
Seeing a child cry over the dead sparrow who ran into the window; or for the tiny, baby squirrel who has been mauled by a dog and is painfully awaiting its death (HOLY CRAP! Graphic, much??)
Disgusting things:
Walking around with your fly unzipped for three hours.
A spider that was smooshed on the wall and left there by some kid for the world to see.

Also, apparently I was "angry at the m&m's for melting in my hand" while I was writing a poem, and trying to rhyme with "sand".

Friday, December 01, 2006

Peach Blossom tea at Ching ching cha in Georgetown

It's one of their "artisan teas". It starts out as a tiny little ball, and opens up to a very pretty blossom as it steeps (It tastes like a Jasmine green tea).

Garth and I went there today as part of my research for my thesis. You know you're spoiled when eating delicious cuisine and drinking the finest teas is considered "research" for your thesis... :)

Thursday, November 23, 2006

the sky at my uncle's funeral

November 21, 2006 - 5:30pm.

My uncle, Bob, passed away last weekend. Rarely do you see such a dramatic and beautiful sky, but it was a late funeral, and God blessed us with a lovely backdrop for his send-off. This picture doesn't even do it justice.


single hue
Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
Such harmony between Man and Nature!

It's an Electra cruiser I saw in Brooklyn -- so perfectly poised atop fall leaves of the same hue.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Sibling love!

I think that this might be my favorite picture of Matt and I of all time, ever!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fog at sunrise in Dubai

Fog at sunrise in Dubai
Originally uploaded by Harry Lambert.
I found this on Flickr, via some very random connections in my head... don't ask. But it's been found nonetheless! It's an image of Dubain in the morning, taken from the 33rd floor of the Emirates Towers.

the funniest halloween

I read this on a post about halloween costumes:

'I'm gonna wear something slutty looking (slip, fishnets, etc) and wear a nametag that says "Hello My Name Is: Your Mom".'

Monday, October 09, 2006

Newly Discovered

I've just discovered
  • Douglas Little
  • , a "modern alchemist", and "purveyor of curious goods". Someday when I own my little upscale botique, I will most certainly stock some of his items ^_^ Examples:

    Friday, October 06, 2006


    Today I got to go see Alicia, my college roomate of four years, and meet her new (actually three-month-old) baby boy, Joshua. It was soooooooooo much fun. After living together for four years, I feel like we're sisters!... of course, Alicia actully has sisters, and I'm sure it's completely different :)

    My picture of the day:

    Monday, October 02, 2006


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    When Mathilda was only seven years old, her favorite pet caterpillar died. His name was fuzzbutt, and he was a bald, green, slimy thing. Such a devastating event would crush even the strongest of children... and Mathilda wasn't strong. Now, when she walks, she shuffles her feet everywhere she goes because she is too sad to even try to lift them. Why even bother?

    In an effort to leave her sad world behind, Mathilda became obsessed with flight. She wanted to fly far away from where she was, and discover new, amazing things!

    As she grew older, and her knowledge of physics grew, she realized that one could fly by filling a sack with hot air. She became quite happy, almost to the point of delirium, and was very excited about her discovery and tried to patent her idea, but soon found that this science had been discovered hundreds of years ago.

    And, so, she was still sad.


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Filabuster talks quite a bit more than any respectful soft toy would. He likes to carry a milk crate with him wherever he goes. When asked about it, he says "a milk crate serves many purposes. When I feel a discourse coming on, I can place it on the ground, and perch on top of it. If I have too many groceries, I can carry them in it... And also, when I'm out of milk, I can go to the milk factory and get some milk. You know?"

    But no, no one really knows what he means.

    Saturday, September 23, 2006


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.

    Clarice grew up with an overly-controlling mother, who always wanted her to be a beauty queen. But because of her slight chubbiness, Clarice never quite made it in the Beauty Queen circuit.

    But because she was teased about her weight (by both her mother and fellow contestants), Clarice has grown up very sensitive about how she looks. In fact, she is so nervous about her weight that she loads herself up on accessories, in hopes that people will notice those instead of her oversized love handles.

    Also, she desperately loves boys, and wants a boyfriend more than anything in the whole wide world, but she gets tongue-tied and shy to a neurotic degree whenever she is around males. As such, she will most likely never date...

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    it is a bi-week of newness!!!

    During the past two weeks, I have gotten three very important and fabulous new things. In fact, they are SO important, SO fabulous, and SOOOO exciting, that I'm going to tell you about all three of them, and right now! ^_^

    #1: My new car
    It's a 2007 Ford Escape. It looks exactly like this, with the dark grey detals, etc. ^_^

    #2: My new phone

    This is a Sanyo Katana. I adore this phone. It's slim and icey pink (yay!). It looks much pinker in this photo than it really is, btw. It's really quite pale and pretty.

    #3: My new bike!
    And Electra Betty, also in my darling, delightful ice-pink, and fitted out with the following sweet accessories. IT IS SO HOTT!!
    A) Black leather streamers

    B) A black, detachable basket

    C) Skull & Crossbones valve caps, in Chrome (My FAVORITE detail!)

    D) "Electra Love" Bell (My second-favorite detail!)^_^

    Wednesday, September 13, 2006

    my new hair

    my new hair
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    well... icey pink is, apparently, my new favorite color...

    As can be seen with my incredible, new, icey pink phone. And my rad, new, icey pink cruiser bike. Photos to be posted soon.

    Also, I have a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!! I got it last week, but I haven't updated this thing in so long it hasn't gotten mentioned yet. It is AMAZING! Again: pictures to be posted soon.

    Ooooo, my life is just so full of wonderful new things, I'm such a happy girl ^_^

    Monday, September 04, 2006

    An ecological great is gone :(

    Oh, I am so devastated!

    Steve Irwin has been killed! A stingray's spine hit him in the heart! I mean, I guess we all knew it could happen someday, given his propensity to hover too closely to very dangerous animals, but it's still realy sad. And a lot sooner than I thought. I figured that someday when he was old and had lost his coordination he might mess up and get hurt, but he was only 44. When I was in college (oh, so many years ago) I watched Crocodile Hunter marathons whenever I could.


    We'll miss you, crazy Steve. You were great.

    Thursday, August 24, 2006


    I'm not sure if I mentioned it when it happened, like a month ago, but I got a kid's bike at a yardsale. It was $30. But then I started riding it a lot and my right knee went CRAZY on me. As in c-r-a-z-y. I'd be sitting on the couch and suddenly I felt like someone had hit me in the knee with a hammer. Regardless... this is the bike. It's purple, and has a sticker that says "AWESOME" on it. Eventually I'm going to gussy it up with a "Counter Culture Coffee" sticker, and a few misc. stickers I have laying around (probably including one of the GammaGo Yeti stickers Timoni gave me a while back, and assorted Tare Panda representations :)

    So I've been thinking and thinking about what to do, and I *think* I just need a better bike. One that actually fits me, and that all of the gears work on. At the moment I have my eye on the bike Kiki suggested ages ago on this very blog (thanks, Kiki!!) It's the Paul Frank 'Scurvy' chopper. It's pretty cute, and also fits my criteria of a. Pink, and b. a basket. I also want what my legendary 'Pink Lady' had - a light that was powered by your peddling (if you'd turned it on). Two out of Three isn't bad, though... But I'm not sure how functional it actually is, so I'm still looking around.

    Plus, I'm going to New York this weekend, and I don't want to spend $300 on a bike before I get a chance to spend that money on millions of clothes from NYC ^_^

    hellllo, I am a gpeeeee!!!

    hellllo, I am a gpeeeee!!!
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    GP was a present for Katie C, because she toooootally loves guinea pigs :)

    This little one enjoys sitting at coffee shops, nursing the same cup of coffee for 8 hours, just so he can use their free wireless. And also check out/hit on women.

    He is a little bit depressed, and a little bit overweight, but also very web-savvy and music-literate, so people don't totally mind him (IOW: he's not altogehter creepy. Just a little odd).

    Names under consideration:
    + Horace
    + Nelson
    + Charles
    + Fabbi
    + Antoinne
    + Mercutio
    + Javier
    + Anything Katie C decides she likes!

    ps - his backside is a baby blue faux-velvet.

    Marianne, making lattes, #1!

    Marianne, making lattes, #1!
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    I've started trying to take photos at work. It's kinda fun. Also, Goodrow is the most photographed Murky person on the face of the planet, so we need pictures of other people representing. Of course this is me. Steaming Milk. Hooray!

    For the record, I'm wearing a tie because Friday is Tie day at Murky coffee. Not because I'm a wannabe rock star.

    Tuesday, August 15, 2006

    cleaning, cleaning, cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaning

    I'm busy cleaning today. It will probably go on, late into the night. I'm cleaning out my closet, cleaning out all of my fabrics, etc, and trying to reorganze them. YIKES!

    Somehow I envisioned my summer "break" (actually, only 3 weeks off, and still working, so not TOTALLY a break), as me sitting around, making softies, shopping for clothes, etc, etc. But today is my first day actually free after classes ended two weeks ago, and somehow I decided to use it to clean?? What was I thinking.

    Now that I'm sitting amonst piles of textiles and clothing (which I guess can also be filed loosley under textiles), I'm wishing I was walking around Georgetown or something. But I can't.

    Maybe if I finish enough to take a short break by 7 I'll make a quick trip to H&M or something, to satiate my desire to spend money on shoes, trinkets, and silly outfits. The chances that I'll finish anything by then, however, are slim to none. And tomorrow I'm totally busy, and Thursday I need to sit myself down and sew some new softies... and I work Friday and Saturday. Soooo.... I'll probably go through my 3rd week of wanting to go to Tyson's by... not going to Tyson's.


    Saturday, August 05, 2006

    You lear nsomething new...

    Today I learned:

    1. About global warming:
    - when 9-11 occured, and planes were grounded for several days, the average daily temperatures rose 2-3 degrees acoss the entire nation. That's when scientists realized that the effects of global warming are much farther along, and worse than previoiusly thought - in an odd twist of fate, one of the things that is protecting us from the more severe effects is the layer of "protective" smog in our atmosphere.

    2. About Spiders:
    - There is currently an "infestation" of spiders in Australia that is causing mass panic. An article can be found here:
  • Crazy Spiders! AUG!!

  • 3. About Venomous snakes:
    - Bottles of (very expensive) "Habu sake" are sold in almost any alcohol store on the big island of Okinawa prefecture. The venom of 'Okinawa Habu', one of Japan's most poisonous snakes, is present in the sake (along with a dead snake on the bottom)... and it is reputed to increase male virility!

    - The King Cobra is the world’s largest venomous snake. The record length for a King was measured at 18 feet, 4 inches. King cobra bites can kill a full grown elephant in less than 3 hours.


    4. About me:
    - (I actually already knew this, sort of, but was reminded of it today when looking at snakes, and it's a sort-of interesting story, so here I go) I found a picture of this guy, who I swam with while scuba diving in Indonesia. Sea snakes are very curioius creatures, and like to inspect things. And inspect me, he did! He swam gracefully up to my face, bumped his nose against my goggles, moved backwards, looked at me for a moment, and then swam peacefully on his way.

    Of course, it's only in the last year that I've discovered that this particular sea snake has the most powerful neurotoxin venom in the world, 10x stronger than a rattlesnake's... I don't think I would have been filled with such wonderment, or been so pleased with himbumping his face against mine if I'd known that. Instead it would have been more... well... panic.

    I'll say, though, that it was worth it to see him. I did lots of incredibly (and sometimes stupidly) dangeroius things when I was living in Indonesia, and this was the least of my worries. Because sea snakes are, in addition to being the most poisonoius snake in the world, the most docile snakes in the world. IOW: cases of them biting humans withoiut being provoked are rare, if not non-existant. So I wasn't actually in any danger.

    **of note: I also got to swim with an ADORABLE orange blowfish, shaped like a little square box, and covered in tiny black polkadots. He looked just like this, except more square. And orange.

    And also... a sea turtle! Hooray ^_^

    Saturday, July 29, 2006

    quite silly

    quite silly
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.

    I saw this in the Metro on Thursday. Just what, exactly, is this poster supposed to be conveying?

    I wanted to wait until a girl in a very silly outfit wlked past, and then take a picture of him looking at her outfit, with that expression. But I didn't.

    Wednesday, July 26, 2006


    I just found out that they're making a CGI Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie! It's coming out in March '07.

    I've been waiting for this since Vanilla Ice's career died!

    Seriously. I used to live for TMNT in the afternoons. I totally hearted Raphael. Such a dreamy, rebellious turtle...


    I eventually moved my swooning on to better pastures (ahem, spiderman, ahem) around 8th grade, but I still get all swoony when I think of my turtle with the red bandana.

    ... and yes, for the record, this entry should be taken lightly, because I am talking about cartoon characters. I don't REALLY have a crush on a fictional turtle. Honestly.

    Tuesday, July 11, 2006

    Silly expectations!

    I signed onto AOL, and there was a link promising to give you "quirky summer date ideas!". I followed it, thinking that even if I didn't use these ideas for dates, I'd be interested to hear what they were. I saw Horseback Riding near the top of the list, and since I rode competitively for a little over 10 years, I thought "Hey, maybe it'll have something interesting" and clicked on the link.

    What it turned out to be was a listing of single men across the country who liked horseback riding, on "Love@AOL, by".


    And that's when I noticed something about Guy #2, COWBOYYUP. He was 38, but listed himself as only being interested in women who were 22-40. "AS IF," I thought, "He should readjust his thinking to have more of a spread, like 32-45." I, personally, don't think that many 22 year old women should be dating men who are 38. I know it happens sometimes, but if it's his dating *RULE*...

    Guy #1, "HorseRidingHero" (who, by the way, didn't look like a hero...), was realistic though. He was 24, and looking for a woman 18-26. That's a resonable range, right?

    However, my curiosity and desire to find patterns in things was peeked, and I quickly moved on to see what exactly IS the age range these guys were looking for? It turns out that most men over the age of 35 preferred a woman younger than he was, while men in their 20s gave a reasonable age range, from a few years younger to a few years older. Here are some of the older-wanting-younger examples (incidentally, who thought up these names??):

    1. Painthor: 55 years old, looking for a woman 30-50
    2. Kevinjp504: 41 years old, looking for a woman 26-44
    3. Ace107: 54 years old, looking for a woman 32-54
    4. Mebcowboy: 50 years old, looking for a woman 30-47
    5. asweetcharm: 43 years old, looking for a woman 35-40
    6. dawesner: 51 years old, looking for a woman 25-45
    7. JYouseff: 41 years old, looking for a woman 25-43
    8. S4865: 44 years old, looking for a woman 20-44
    9. Sparky478: 54 years old, looking for a woman 30-45
    10. Mitchnew2: 32 years old, looking for a woman 24-32

    One that also caught my eye was 'SlimDandy23', who's ad says "I am a 23 yearold male who has been threw more crap than anyone should ever have too go threw..." First of all, for the love of pete, use spell check or a grammar book! But what really gets me is that he uses his alotted paragraph to assure us all that things have happened to him, by the wee age of 23, that have obviously left him with huge baggage. Why would you do that to your ad, Slim?? *sigh*

    Also, there was "workingaround, who advertised himself as a 43 year old man. Sorry Working. You're totally, like, 60!! If you don't want people knowing how old you are, don't put THAT picture on your 43 year old profile!

    Sunday, July 09, 2006

    Oh, it's been so long!

    I haven't actually written much for the past few months.

    Sorry about that (though I doubt it's that big of a deal. If you ask me, images are more fun anyways).

    I think the most effective way to go about this will be a list!

    1. Today Garth and I are going to the Apple store. He is buying a Powerbook. I am getting an iPod for 1/2 off because I am a student, and he's buying a Powerbook, and there's a deal on iPods for students buying powerbooks.

    2. As previously posted, my sofites are hanging at Murky Coffee right now, and they're getting a great review, and selling rather nicely.

    3. I'm going to be learning to play Civilization 4 soon. I hope I don't get addicted, but I probably will.

    4. My summer class is "eh". Sometimes the teacher brings her dog to class. I really like that bit. Other bits not so much.

    5. Kim and I are going to New York in August. It will be ultra-fabulous and I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    6. Drea and I will be going to New York in November. I am also SO EXCITED!!!

    7. Garth and I threw a great 4th of July party, where I spent all day cooking, and he spent all day building a desk. And then we played Apples to Apples and had fun. And Paolo had to help us move the desk after it was built because it's as heavy as a small horse (and a little bit bigger than one).

    8. I am, at this moment, enjoying a delicious Iced Caramel Latte, made by Sadaat (who is awesome, btw). And I can feel myself getting fatter, despite trying to be on a diet, because I had an espresso brownie for breakfast (I'm not very good at this game...).

    9. My fish, Sparticus, got Fin Rot this past week, and his beautiful, Beta Fins were melting away into transparent nothingness, until I bought some anti-bacterial tablets for his tank. It's only day 3 of the treatment though, so I have yet to see much improvement. MY POOR FISHY!!!!!

    10. I am officially "trained" on the bar, and could make each an every one of you a delicios latte, or cappuccino, or chai! But whether or not you'd get pretty latte art, like Ryan, Aaron, and jonathan can make, is left up to chance. Sometimes mine looks great. Other times it looks... well, terrible.

    I *think* that's it. It seems like a good update to me! And besides, Garth just showed up, and I have an iPod to buy!!

    Thursday, July 06, 2006

    ... I also have my paintings on display in the back room.
    For more images see my Flickr page (

    It's ON!!!

    My softies are finally up and for sale at Murky Coffee.


    Everybody should stop by and peek at them and read their stories. And then, if you like one, you can buy it!


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Carpetti loves to eat!! He is from Italy, and his favorite thing to eat is Fettuccini with Cappucino sauce (but he will devour any dish you put in front of him).

    When he gets wet, his tightly curled coat will spring into an enormous afro, and his eyes will disappear behind his fluffiness!

    Also, please don't leave Carpetti alone with siberian hamsters. He is very afraid of them.



    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Flossy is a sweet little softie, who talks like Beaker from the Muppets. In fact, the day she met Beaker at a 'Muppet Show' convention was the happiest day of her life, because he understood what she was saying. After that day she put pictures of Beaker up all over her walls.

    The thing she loves most about herself is her pink, outie belly-button. "I feel like it gives me a certain pizazz," she explains when asked why she loves it so much.


    Monday, July 03, 2006

    And it floods... again.

    I have to say that I'm not complaining, because I seriously love big storms (although I'll admit to being pretty terrified that day a week or two ago when we had the freak electrical storm. S-C-A-R-Y (but cool)!!

    Anyhow. Today there was more storming! Garth and I got totally soaked coming out of AMC Hoffman after 'Devil Wears Prada', and then there was this blackout that lasted for hours (and was actually still going on, the last time we talked... which was about 45 minutes ago). Anyhow, it was a great evening. We played cards in the dying light of the evening, and actually enjoyed going to McDonald's for dinner at 10pm. It was nice :)

    Anyhow. It has been raining so hard lately!! But, because pictures speak louder than words, here you are:
    1. The Masonic Temple from Garth's sunroom on a bright, sunny day.
    2. The masonic temple from Garth's sunroom in the rain.

    Tuesday, June 27, 2006

    Goodrow's perfect bloom

    Goodrow's perfect bloom
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Part A: I started Milk-Building at Murky yesterday. IT IS SO HARD! I'm really terrible at it, but hopefully I'll soon improve.


    Anyhow, here is an example of what I'm striving for. Ryan G did this Latte Art yesterday, and I was so jealous! It's lovely.

    pink hair and German dresses

    pink hair and German dresses
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Part B: This outfit was a huge hit yesterday. Apparently I've found my new favorite combination of clothing?

    Also, that's the Dolce&Gabana bag I got in NY. Check out the size of that zipper!!!!! I am totally in love with it ^_^

    But the main reason I'm showing this picture is, although it's not too clear, you can see the new, pink, peekaboo color in my hair!

    the flood

    the flood
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Part C: We are getting more rain here than I have ever seen.

    On Sunday evening, when I was driving to Garth's house,GW Parkway was closed due to massive flooding in the Potomac River.

    So instead we traveled via Rt. 1 to Russel Road. This is Russel Road. The water was over a foot deep, and lawns were flooded up to people's porches. I felt SO bad for them...

    Incidentally, our basment is flooded right now as well (but only a little, ptl).


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Part D: Our family spent his past weekend at our time share in New York. It was so much fun!! And it was even MORE fun when mom and I beat Dad and Matt at Monopoly, because that is something that has never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever-to-an-infinate-power happened.


    Apple, 5th Avenue Store

    Apple, 5th Avenue Store
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Part E: The Apple Store at 5th Avenue is, perhaps, the most perfectly design retail store I have ever been in.

    That's not to say that other stores aren't better, such as a Prada Store I've never heard of in Milan. I'm just saying, it is awesome. And whoever goes to NY, and knows anything about design, computers, or, really, anything, should get to go see it.

    For REALS, people!

    Tuesday, June 20, 2006


    Garth has finally put images of his drawings up on Flickr! See?:
  • Garth's Drawings!

  • I love his drawings!! Especially the one that he drew for *me* ^_^

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Soccer playing crows from Japan!!

    You heard it here first!... er... Second!

    "The four young carrion crows at Tokuyama Zoo in western Japan used their beaks to dribble a miniature ball toward a soccer goal, sometimes tackling each other for possession before scoring, according to head zookeeper Satoru Tanaka."

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Hello, my name is Hugs

    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    This is, hands down, the sweetest, most lovable little monster you will EVER meet!

    He wandered out of the woods one day when I was taking a walk in the beautiful June weather. From what I can make out, al that he wants is to be carried like a baby, hugged, and to sit in your lap when you're sitting on the couch. The only times I've seen him get grumpy is when he doesn't get enough attention -- but even then he's more sad than grumpy. Please offer him your love!

    I am Patrick!

    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    I'm trying to think of a clever story for this guy. Any ideas? Or you can each offer a sentence, so that the comments make a story! But since I never get that many comments I doubt we'll get enough to make a whole story... so if you want, feel free to double post, or just offer little specks of ideas.


    Wednesday, June 14, 2006


    Janet will be dying my hair shortly!

    The baby-pink is (hopefully) going to take it's place on my head with-in the next week :)

    Sunday, June 11, 2006


    The obsession at Murky, of late, has been bikes. We talked about them for quite a while yesterday. BMX, Hutch... whatever. I really know nothing about bikes. But I *do* know that a bike "gang" is being formed, and I need a bike, asap!!

    This is actually something I've known for a long time. It'd be especially helpful in saving gas and getting exercise - I'd ride to both school and Murky - give me a month, and it will have paid for itself int he gas I'd save! I actually almost bought a bike about a year ago, for that reason, but ended up spending the money elsewhere. This time, however, I'm for serious. I really want one.

    The biggest problem is finding one I love. My pickiness started as a kid...
    First was the Smurf big wheel:

    Then came my white and purple bike with streamers and a basket. Next I inherited my brother's rad litte BMX bike (both are in this picture):

    After that I didn't have another bike until the 'Pink Lady', in Japan (far and away my favorite bike ever):

    And now I'm on the lookout for the bike that I can love as much as I did Pink Lady... and yes. I think I *do* want a basket on the front... ^_^

    Looking through those pictures of me as a kid to find the bike pictures was really fun. I've got a few that I'll stick on my flickr account in the next day or two (linked on the right-hand side of this page), if you care to see them. One thing I noticed from them was that about 40% of them are either of Marianne Eating or Marianne With an Animal. It's pretty funny. That would be the 'nature' side of me, not so much the 'nurture' ;)

    Friday, June 09, 2006


    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    Hello, my name is Cursmudgeon. I don't want to be a downer, but I am always sad. When I was born, there was a raincloud hanging over the hospital, and I have had nothing but bad luck since.

    The only thing that makes me truly happy is the flavor of brussel sprouts in my mouth... But I'm allergic to them. I must either walk through life without genuine happiness.... or walk through life with a rash.