Tuesday, May 13, 2008


What's going on? The weather and natural phenomena around the world this week is sketching me out.

At home: yesterday was the rainiest day in the history of Washington, DC. Ever. And last week there was an earthquake in Annandale? Whaaaat?? I mean, I know we *are* on a fault line, and earthquakes have occurred before. But still. Weird. And also, there are, apparently, sinkholes opening up all over the place too, because of all the rain.

Nationally: Tornadoes and severe weather is sweeping across America. Fires in Florida (albeit, caused by arsonists, they think).

Internationally: The earthquakes in the Sichuan province of China that have killed over 12,000, with people still buried and needing to be rescued. The cyclones in Myanmar... I'm especially torn up about Myanmar, and how the government is continuing to refuse aid-workers access to the country, and what relief *does* get in is being siphoned off for money instead of going to those who desperately need food and water. What food the government decides to give out is rotten. So many more people are going to die if these militant leaders don't open their country up for aid (pray for their hearts to change!). Their souls are at stake, and it really breaks my heart to see this tragedy still occuring. 35,000 are already dead, another 28,000 are missing, and thousands more could die of disease.