Wednesday, January 25, 2006

In response to Sunday's conversation

Timoni, Heather and I had a conversation about 80s love songs (I believe it was a carry-over from a discussion at Bible study?), and I've been "inspired" to post my personal favorites. Feel free to add songs via comment if you'd like :)

[Also of note, I realized when putting this list together that most of my faves are from 1987 - '89, which is probably due to the fact that the age of 7 and 8 is when I started to become aware of the "musical forces" around me... by which I mean my brother, and our favorite babysitter, Angie. And at 8 I got my first radio. I used to jump giddly on the bed to Paula Abdul's "cold hearted snake"...!]

As far as "pure 80s", actually released then (that seemed to be a big deal on Sunday - as opposed to bands that are basically considered 80s bands even though they may have a few crossover albums [for example, Guns n Roses was mentioned]):

+ Never Say Goodbye ('86), and I'll be There for You ('8) - Bon Jovi
+ With or Without You - U2 ('87)
+ When I see you Smile - Bad English ('89)
+ The Promise - When in Rome ('88)
+ Eternal Flame - Bangles ('88)
+ Like a Prayer - Madonna ('89)
+ The Flame - Cheap Trick ('88)
+ Superstitious - Europe ('88)
+ O L'amour - Erasure (?)
+ In the Air tonight ('81), and Against all Odds('84) - Phill Collins
+ Every Breath you Take - the Police ('86)
+ If you Leave - OMD ('86?)
+ Missing You - John Waite ('84)
+ Right Here Waiting ('89) and Hold onto the Nights ('87) - Richard Marx
+ Head Over Heels - Tears for Fears ('85)
+ Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order ('86)
+ True Colors - Cyndi Lauper ('86)
+ Don't Dream it's Over - Crowded House ('87)
+ Forever Your Girl - Paula Abdul ('88)
+ Every Rose has its Thorn - Poison ('88)
+ If I could Turn back Time - Cher ('89)
+ Love Bites - Def Leppard ('87)

As far as 80s bands, though, or at least bands that *I* consider the 80s genre (because c'mon, admit it, the first 2 years of a decade are "crossover" years that can be considered the previous genre) I'm going to add these 7 songs:

+ I'll be There - Escape Club
+ Don't Cry and November Rain - Guns n Roses
+ More than Words - Extreme
+ Can't live w/out your love & affection - Nelson Brothers
+ High Enough - Damn Yankees
+ Must've Been Love - Roxette
+ Always Somewhere, and Wind of Change ('90) - Scorpions

Yes, yes, yes!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Got it on Ebay!

  • 'On Ebay' Video

  • I found this tonight, and as an ebay shopper it made me laugh. A few lines (such as "A+++!") are just great. Others: stupid. But I still laughed :)

    Tuesday, January 17, 2006

    MTV girl

    I generally don't stand very strongly behind bands that are "sooooooo MTV! (*flips her hair*)", but these two songs have me a-d-d-i-c-t-e-d to them [(the songs, not MTV bands, ack!(no, really, I go to launch and play them both a couple of times when I'm sitting at the computer)].

    1. Fall Out Boy's "Sugar We're Going Down". Catchy beyond belief. I'm gonna buy this CD later this week, I think, so I can "rock out" in the car (which actually just seems to involve me playing really loud music and shaking my head around a lot).

    2. Madonna's "Hung Up". I liked this song the first time I heard it, but after probably three listens I actually LOVE it. It's great. I completely adore old-school Madonna (up though her 'Ray of Light' album. Her Immaculate Collection is just FAH-bulous) but I haven't really liked any of her stuff since then. Until this song. Plus, I really like the video, for some stupid reason. Who knows!

    Anyways. Just thought I'd share. Two posts in one day. Whoo!

    SkooL iz Gr8T!

    Over my month-long hiatus from school, I'd like to think that I accomplished a wide variety of wonderful things. In fact, I accomplished only a smattering of things, most of which had nothing to do with the "to do" items on my vacation list. I still, however, look back on what i did as being good.

    - I got to visit with musch-missed friends, like miss Malloy, Todd, Scott, Gabe, and Baghdadian Ginny.
    - I cleaned out/cleaned up my bedroom and my sewing/crafts room.
    - I spent lots (AND LOTS) of time at Murky Coffee pusuing things I love, like collage and jewelry-making.
    - I saved 4 african elephants from death, relocated jaguars, and built zoo exhibits for various abused animals (including red kangaroos, Bison, Tapirs, Lions, Zebras, and Penguins!).
    - I created lots of adorable softies.
    - I "painted my own pottery" (I'll have images up as soon as I get them back)
    - I visited my brother and Valeria for a weekend in Boston.
    - I made several trips to the Smithsonian and the National Mall.
    - I discovered the wonders of Scrubs (I LOVE THIS SHOW! LOVELOVELOVE!) and Resident Evil 4.
    - I got lots of fabulous new clothing.
    - I got a new LAPTOP!!!
    - I successfuly used Resin in my crafts.
    - I downloaded music from various musi blogs.
    - Garth received a turtle from me (that was great!)
    - I read Watership Down...

    There's more stuff, but I feel like the list is long enough. Anyway. The break was fabulous, despite getting an enormously expensive parking ticket and not finishing my mannequin painting that I started 8 months ago (AUG!).

    However, it is time for school to begin. I love to learn, and I think I'm really ready for this semester. I had a great time in class this morning, plus my schedule this semester allows for a few afternoons at Murky each week, and 3 nights off to spend time with my friends. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

    Thursday, January 12, 2006

    The latest round of misfit softies

    All available on

    Jordan: sorry ladies, he's not a prince (but he'll steal your heart just the same!). He loves strawberries and daffodils, but he won't go near the water.

    Mango: mango is NOT a nice softie; he will lure you in with a frightening and curious cuteness, and then attack... so beware.

    Glick: mysterious, always hungry, and very loyal, he will curl up in you lap and sleep for hours.

    Chedoria #1015: no one knows much about Chedoria as a breed, but this particular one, #1015, is curious, sincere, and eager for adventure. Its favorite food is raw cherries.

    Woundwort: he is ruthless and mercenary. His favorite proclamation is "I will destroy you!"

    Kehaar: kehaar is a vulture. He loves meat (he also likes soaring in the sky and watching the animals below walking around like little ants)!!

    Cowslip lives alone (but he doesn't want to). He loves cottage cheese and yogurt (but not together).

    Tuesday, January 10, 2006

    we have a winner

    The newest additions to my closet ARE....

    The Diesel Lahti, in brown...

    The Kenzie Valenzo, in baby blue...

    Monday, January 09, 2006

    eye [hart] boston, exclamation point

    A round of fun & fab pictures for y'all from my weekend in Boston wiht Matt. Totemo tanoshi desu!! Muy divertido!! Super-duper fun!! WAHOO ^_^

    1. Matt & Marianne 4eva (brother & sister go to town)

    2. Valeria & Matt (they are SO CUTE!)

    3. Coquette: Joey took this of me while we were avoiding the dance floor by pretending to be busy with my camera...

    4. Sorshia (Joey & Henry's kitty catty. He was so huggable an sweet!!)

    5. Newest Fox show: "When Good Hairdressers Go BADD, vol 5"! (She trimmed my hair & then dyed it the most lovely shade of violet! I love it so much. SO MUCH. **happiest sigh in the world**... :)

    6., 7., 8. and 9. Valeria. She's been belly dancing for over a year now, and she performed for her Spa party on Sunday night. it has me wanting to take it up. Seriously. Don't be surprised if I start belly dancing classes in the next month or two. It looked so amazing!

    10. I really like this photo of Valeria (just so you can see what she *really* looks like. And yes, she ALWAYS looks this good!!)

    11. Sleepy Matt with his new friend, Norman. (heehee. I love this picture ^_^)

    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    A Post of Pictures

    Because I've fallen behind.

    Most of these were taken when carousing the National Mall with Garth.

    Others were taken when I was sitting around, bored.

    By the way: This first photo is like one of my favorite pictures EVAH.

    Tomorrow I'll upload images of the softies I've made this week. They're quite adorable. Stay tuned.

    Wednesday, January 04, 2006

    Another link for the kiddies

  • Celebrities Suck (dot com)

  • It's got some links that are pretty fun to peruse... celebrities without make-up, before and after plastic surgeries... that sort of thing.

    officially a nerd?

    You know that you've been practicing too much AutoCAD & playing too many games of Zoo Tycoon 2 when...

    As you're sewing your latest softie you make a mistake, and the first thought/instinct to enter your head is: "Hit the Esc Key! Hit the Esc Key!!!", and then you stop everything and think "Wait. Where IS the... oh."

    Tuesday, January 03, 2006

    To be shared

    The onion has put out their top 18 headlines of 2005, and some of their highlight-stories of the year. Here are *my* favorites --
    1. Bush elected president of Iraq
    2. Tsunami, Katrina, Kashmir Earthquake battle for 'Natural Disasty Award'
    3. North Korea nukes self in desperate plea for attention
    4. Losing Superbowl team gets condolence call from John Kerry
    5. Prince Charles marries long-time horse
    6. April comes to an end
    7. Michael Jackson's reputation for punctuality in ruins
    8. NASA announces future shuttle launches will be sudden, and without warning
    9. Media ignores cancer struggle of champion unicyclist
    10. Rosa Parks not really honored by new bus depot

    Monday, January 02, 2006

    2005 (I'm doing this out of obligation).

    First, I just wanted this to be seen, because it's interesting. I hear so many arguments for total speration of church and state, which IS constitutional, but as for our Christian heritage... -

    "God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that his justice cannot sleep forever."
    ~ Thomas Jefferson, inscribed in the Jefferson Memorial.

    And now, on with the blog. Highlights of my year were...

    1. Finishing a fourth semester of grad school.
    2.My 2 weeks in Italy.
    3. A summer "off" - aside from work and school, I spent the better half of my summer scribbling drawings in journals and pasting collages together with friends at the coffee shop.
    3. Meeting Garth (of course).
    4. The purchases of a new digicam, a new laptop, and the acquisition of a new sewing machine.
    5. Yardsales and Thrift stores.
    6. My internship at CORE.
    7. Participation in various websites (flickr, a new blog, myspace, etsy), although I still ache for my own little corner on the web.
    8. A visit from Mutsumi! (granted that was late Dec 2004, but it feels like this past year)
    9. Discovery of softie-making, resin, sewing, wallpaper crafts, ectc!
    10. My brother & Kendra breaking up, and his ending up with FABulous Valeria.
    11. The development of a passion for architecture.
    12. Trip to Louisiana mere days after Katrina.
    13. Various trips to New York City (yaaaayyyy.)
    14. 4th row Sigur Ros in Philly.
    15. A healthy appreciation for the beauty of clouds in the sky.

    Difficult parts of my year were...

    1. Finishing a fourth semester in grad school!
    2. Friends moving away (Drea, Ginny, & Finity, to name a few)
    3. A certain "male" who treated me like I was "worthless", and who I had to "get over". And really you can read that sentece without those "s...

    Yes! This was my 2005, in a nutshell. I'll post some memorable photos now, for your viewing pleasure, and because I'm still convinced that a post from me sans photos is less than a post should be ^_^