Thursday, May 19, 2005


Who just got back frorm the Italian premier of Star Wars: Episode III??

I DID, I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I came away with a bit of a crush, really... that Hayden Christenson is even BETTER looking from 10 feet away than he ever could be on the screen ^_^


Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Since last saturday I have:

- eaten Gelato in Italy!
- been in the center of a dog fight (that was REALLY scary, despite having no fear of dogs. I thought I was going to get rabies)
- Seen a lemon the size of my head. Literally.
- been kissed by an Italian man without my consent.
- Been offered rides by Italian men on Vespas (I would hve said yes, but they were skeezy.. I mean, it's a VESPA!!!).
- gotten caught in a rainstorm in the Roman Forum.
- eaten REAL italian pizza.
- been served a screwdriver made with fresh-squeezed, Italian blood oranges.
- painted in Rome.
- Stood in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.
- seen Bernini's most famous sculptures in REAL LIFE (::sigh::)
- Met a man named "Giaco"... and many men named "antonio"...
- bought shirts at a REAL Diesel store (..DOUBLE sigh::)

And that's just the beginning!!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

20% Dixie!

Your Linguistic Profile:

60% General American English
20% Dixie
15% Yankee
0% Midwestern
0% Upper Midwestern

What Kind of American English Do You Speak?

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Presents, please?

If anyone loves me enough to buy me things, you should purchase one of the following CDs on a whim and then track me down and put it in my hands. I would love you for the rest of my life.


I would.

1. The Postal Service
2. The Decemberists
3. The Avalanches
4. Go! Team
5. The Flaming Lips
6. Death Cab for Cutie
7. Format
8. The Sun
9. Caesars
10. new Eeels stuff

Or, if you find it preferable, you can make me mix CDs with all of the above...

Monday, May 09, 2005



All is right in this world.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bomb laces

I'd never heard of the Dirtbombs prior to a month ago. Then I got to hear one of their albums, and I thought to myself: "Self, this isn't bad." . Then: last night we went to their show at Iota.

It was punk meeting funk, and on the best possible terms.

They were quite a motley crew: Skinny goth guy with greasy hair + Large black dude with an unshaven face + Small and twithchy asian girl. Oh. And two realatively normal drummers. Yes, they had 2 drummers. Also 2 bassists. Unfortunately I had just gone to the bathroom during their grand finale, which included drums flying in the air. What a shame to have missed it...

The opening act was quite good, too. "Breaking Laces", they were called, from Brooklyn, and the lead singer was beyond hilarious with his dry humor, blurry speech, and obviuously satirical steps up onto and back down off of the speakers. And then he dismantled the drum set while the drummer was still playing the last song. There was lots of breaking drums last night.

Oh. And it was like the loudest concert I've ever been to. On the way home I couldn't really hear much of anything, and I think I was talking really loud. But I can't actually be sure, can I, since it sounded so very quiet to ME?