Thursday, May 19, 2005


Who just got back frorm the Italian premier of Star Wars: Episode III??

I DID, I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I came away with a bit of a crush, really... that Hayden Christenson is even BETTER looking from 10 feet away than he ever could be on the screen ^_^



quarto said...

Wait, wait, wait, are you saying that you SAW him from ten feet away?

How was it in Italian?

There is a guy that hangs out at the Grounds that looks like the bastard child of Ani and Justin Timberlake, only with buggy eyes. Heh.

I am indeed green, green, green.

matt said...

green, indeed. Unfair!

Marianne said...

YES! I got into the press area of the entrance, and was standing TEN FEET AWAY. He is H-O-T, my darling friends.

But no, Timoni, I didn't actually SEE the film. That would have been expensive... and in italian...