Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Goodrow's perfect bloom

Goodrow's perfect bloom
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Part A: I started Milk-Building at Murky yesterday. IT IS SO HARD! I'm really terrible at it, but hopefully I'll soon improve.


Anyhow, here is an example of what I'm striving for. Ryan G did this Latte Art yesterday, and I was so jealous! It's lovely.

pink hair and German dresses

pink hair and German dresses
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Part B: This outfit was a huge hit yesterday. Apparently I've found my new favorite combination of clothing?

Also, that's the Dolce&Gabana bag I got in NY. Check out the size of that zipper!!!!! I am totally in love with it ^_^

But the main reason I'm showing this picture is, although it's not too clear, you can see the new, pink, peekaboo color in my hair!

the flood

the flood
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Part C: We are getting more rain here than I have ever seen.

On Sunday evening, when I was driving to Garth's house,GW Parkway was closed due to massive flooding in the Potomac River.

So instead we traveled via Rt. 1 to Russel Road. This is Russel Road. The water was over a foot deep, and lawns were flooded up to people's porches. I felt SO bad for them...

Incidentally, our basment is flooded right now as well (but only a little, ptl).


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Part D: Our family spent his past weekend at our time share in New York. It was so much fun!! And it was even MORE fun when mom and I beat Dad and Matt at Monopoly, because that is something that has never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever-to-an-infinate-power happened.


Apple, 5th Avenue Store

Apple, 5th Avenue Store
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Part E: The Apple Store at 5th Avenue is, perhaps, the most perfectly design retail store I have ever been in.

That's not to say that other stores aren't better, such as a Prada Store I've never heard of in Milan. I'm just saying, it is awesome. And whoever goes to NY, and knows anything about design, computers, or, really, anything, should get to go see it.

For REALS, people!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Garth has finally put images of his drawings up on Flickr! See?:
  • Garth's Drawings!

  • I love his drawings!! Especially the one that he drew for *me* ^_^

    Friday, June 16, 2006

    Soccer playing crows from Japan!!

    You heard it here first!... er... Second!


    "The four young carrion crows at Tokuyama Zoo in western Japan used their beaks to dribble a miniature ball toward a soccer goal, sometimes tackling each other for possession before scoring, according to head zookeeper Satoru Tanaka."

    Thursday, June 15, 2006

    Hello, my name is Hugs

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    This is, hands down, the sweetest, most lovable little monster you will EVER meet!

    He wandered out of the woods one day when I was taking a walk in the beautiful June weather. From what I can make out, al that he wants is to be carried like a baby, hugged, and to sit in your lap when you're sitting on the couch. The only times I've seen him get grumpy is when he doesn't get enough attention -- but even then he's more sad than grumpy. Please offer him your love!

    I am Patrick!

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    I'm trying to think of a clever story for this guy. Any ideas? Or you can each offer a sentence, so that the comments make a story! But since I never get that many comments I doubt we'll get enough to make a whole story... so if you want, feel free to double post, or just offer little specks of ideas.


    Wednesday, June 14, 2006


    Janet will be dying my hair shortly!

    The baby-pink is (hopefully) going to take it's place on my head with-in the next week :)

    Sunday, June 11, 2006


    The obsession at Murky, of late, has been bikes. We talked about them for quite a while yesterday. BMX, Hutch... whatever. I really know nothing about bikes. But I *do* know that a bike "gang" is being formed, and I need a bike, asap!!

    This is actually something I've known for a long time. It'd be especially helpful in saving gas and getting exercise - I'd ride to both school and Murky - give me a month, and it will have paid for itself int he gas I'd save! I actually almost bought a bike about a year ago, for that reason, but ended up spending the money elsewhere. This time, however, I'm for serious. I really want one.

    The biggest problem is finding one I love. My pickiness started as a kid...
    First was the Smurf big wheel:

    Then came my white and purple bike with streamers and a basket. Next I inherited my brother's rad litte BMX bike (both are in this picture):

    After that I didn't have another bike until the 'Pink Lady', in Japan (far and away my favorite bike ever):

    And now I'm on the lookout for the bike that I can love as much as I did Pink Lady... and yes. I think I *do* want a basket on the front... ^_^

    Looking through those pictures of me as a kid to find the bike pictures was really fun. I've got a few that I'll stick on my flickr account in the next day or two (linked on the right-hand side of this page), if you care to see them. One thing I noticed from them was that about 40% of them are either of Marianne Eating or Marianne With an Animal. It's pretty funny. That would be the 'nature' side of me, not so much the 'nurture' ;)

    Friday, June 09, 2006


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    Hello, my name is Cursmudgeon. I don't want to be a downer, but I am always sad. When I was born, there was a raincloud hanging over the hospital, and I have had nothing but bad luck since.

    The only thing that makes me truly happy is the flavor of brussel sprouts in my mouth... But I'm allergic to them. I must either walk through life without genuine happiness.... or walk through life with a rash.


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    It's pronounced the German way. Like 'Free-drick'.

    HE IS A GHOST! He's not a scary one though. He's quite lovable and sweet. He loves to play tricks on his human friends, though!

    Don't worry. He never uses the fangs.

    I need a name...

    I need a name...
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    He's nameless as of yet. I've been thinking about the name Patrick, but I'm not sold on it. And yesterday I had a stroke of brilliance, during which I thought I'd named him for sure!... but then I forgot what the name was...

    Anyhow, this is his story:

    He's like one of those blind deep sea fish -
    He lures in little girls by acting lonely and helpless, and asking them for a hug to cheer him up...
    But then he ATTACKS them!

    Yes, that's right. He lives by eating little girls.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Oh, and also

    First: I need to cut my hair again. And then, hopefully, Janet will really dye it for me (yes, please?). It will have a little bit of baby pink! Yay!

    Second: Ginny, I can't post on your blog. I don't know why it won't let me. Just so you know I'm not ignoring you full-stop. I love you, and I would never, ever, E-VAH ignore you!


    I'm sorry, everyone who sent me e-mails and whatnot, that I haven't updated for two weeks. Yipes.

    London was fabulous. Since we go nearly every year, it's been forever since I actually did touristy things. Kinda like how, living here in DC, you don't go to the top of the Washington Monument (I *DO*, thankfully, still take advantage of the museums and the zoo. I love them!). But this time I decided I'd do lots of touristy things since it'd been years and years. I went back to Westminster, saw lots and lots of museums, visited some great modern architecture... and then I also did a few silly things, like going that park-of-the-people-who-died-for-other-people from the movie 'Closer', taking a ghost-walk tour, and going to visit the (very lovely) Highgate cemetary.

  • You can see pictures on my Flickr site, Here!

  • Since I got home, I've just been working really hard on jobs and school things...

    Except for last week, when I went to Ikea with Garth, and we won a $100 gift certificate by entering a drawing while we shopped. That was suh-weet!! I wasn't planning on buying anything, but because I suddenly had some free money, I got a few Things I Didn't Need, like a butcher block. Yes. I bought a butcher block. And also some magazine holders... and a jar and a stalk of bamboo, which I have now put a betta fish in. I named him Sparticus. He is lovely.

    As far as work, I'm loving working at Murky. It's so fun, and after 3 weeks working there, I am officially even MORE in love with Murky coffee. Didn't think it could happen, did you?!

    Except that if I keep taking advantage of my free drinks I'm going to look prego soon and all of my friends will look at me warily and then ask probing and concerned questions. But I'm telling you in advance, people:

    It's just FAT!!

    I'll try to keep up with the posting from now on, I promise :)