Monday, October 31, 2005

a productive day

First of all, I found this site online that was quite wonderful. I luv it! I intend on buying many cool things there! And possibly submitting MY stuff there to get sold... It's
  • PixieGirlShop
  • .

    I'm especially in love with the arm warmers (I bought 4 pairs when I lived in Japan, so I guess you could say I love them... because... it's true, I DO! ^_^). They also have a wide variety of cool iPod cases that, when I get an iPod, I will choose from. and ALSO: loads of cute softies. I heart them!

    Oh, here are my latest robot sketches (Timoni, some random person on Flickr suggested today that I put them on Threadless, and that seems like a good idea - any hints/suggestions... or actually anything to say at all? I don't even know how that's done, so any comments are welcomed :).

    More to come soon. I love these little guys ;)

    Sunday, October 30, 2005

    weekend shenanigans

    This weekend was so superb! It started off with great hang out time, and ENDED with great hang out time! In between was fun too :) Here's a synopsis in photo-montage:

    Garth took me out to dinner at MaiThai in Old Town Alexandria. It was F A B U L O U S... That food was incredible... I'm totally for serious.

    I set up a booth at the Courthouse Market on Saturday morning. It was freezing cold, and I didn't see a lot... but the experience was good. I gave out a few of my cards, and met a really cool, Uruguain... Uruguay-ian... Architect from Uruguay that makes glass jewelry.

    [No picture available]
    I met Garth's parents on Saturday (!!!). They're super-cool people, I really liked them. They gave me some delicious chinese green tea :)

    This morning I got side-tracked on GW Parkway (after forgetting about the time change! HA!!) and had to drive past Spout Run because of the Marine Corps Marathon - and so I pulled over on a bunch of scenic overlooks to enjoy the beautiful Sunday-morning-view.

    And here are my favorite pictures from the Corn Maze this afternoon (such fun!!!)

    Matt & Geoff take part in pumpkin funniness

    Marianne & Garth try on hats

    Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this scene... the birdies attacked...

    Thursday, October 27, 2005

    I need to re-dye my hair. The black is washing out, and now it's just... sort of... medium brown... Timoni, you need to dye your hair black too. You look like a hot little maven when you do that.

    I saw Nicole Kidman while they were filming "the visiting" by CORE yesteday. I was waiting at the bus stop and she walked right past me. Whoo!

    Here's what I've been doing recently:

    Later today I'm going to write a post about things I'm currently obsessing over... hopefully that will be interesting for you all... but right now I have to bundle up and go to class and get back lat week's scary test. Eek. I hope I didn't fail.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2005

    October 25, 11:25am

    October 25, 11:25am
    Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
    I am so tired today.

    I've been going since 7:30am, and I'll be going until at least 1am this coming morning.

    But despite this it's a good day. That's nice.

    Monday, October 24, 2005

    props to ginny for the quiz :)

    You are LaFawnduh. Why are you so sweaty?

    Which Napoleon Dynamite character are you?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    The weekend, in short.

    The necklace I made for my mum. Posted by Picasa
    Friday was made up of a slow class, and a very frustrating meeting with one of my teachers in which I fould out that there was really no way of me graduating before Spring 2007... DESPITE THE FACT THAT I ONLY HAVE 8 CLASSES LEFT. If you ask me, I should be done after summer, but they won't let me rush it because... well, for a myriad of reasons that, although unreasonable, I can't argue with because "it's the way we do things". (marianne glares angrily at the computer screen while composing herself)... But Friday evening was better - it involved collages in coffee shops (hooray!) and general hanging-out fun.

    "These Trees are Made of Honey" -- the collage from Friday night Posted by Picasa

    Saturday was great. I got to go have brunch with Garth at the Boulevard Woodgrill, and then off I hustled to Dulles to pick up my mum and dad, (they were flying in from London). That evening the aforementioned Best Movie Evah... "Kung Fu Hustle" (I'm totally buying that movie) was watched, along with 'Sideways'. We ended up watching the movies in the wrong order though. We should have watched Sideways 1st, because although good, it was a letdown after KFH. Anything would have been, really...

    Waiting for my parents at Dulles. Posted by Picasa

    Today (Sunday) was church, and then lunch with MIKE at the Carribean Grill (see, I TOLD you I'd mention you, Mike!). While we were there - more specifically, when we were about to leave - Mike dropped his chapstick under a table being used by some random people, and then we had to wait until they left so he could get it back (he, like me, is obsessed with having chapstick on his lips). But it was even funnier when we were actually going to get it, and a new pair of people sat down... but first they took his chapstick, and he had to ask them to give it back... Does this story make ANY sense online?? I feel like it doesn't... but trust me, it was funny!

    Garth in Ginza. Posted by Picasa

    After that, Garth and I walked around in Dupont for an hour or two, where I ran into an old friend who I played soccer with in highschool, Stephanie. I was so embarassed, because her name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it, and she was like "Marianne, right?"... anyways. She was a really nice girl back then, and I'm assuming she still is, so it was nice to see her. And now I can visit her at work, because I know where she works (bedazzled in Dupont)! Afterwards we ate at Bertucci's (yummmm), got coffee at Murky, and then hung out at his place. I made some more jewelry, we watched some tv... the usual.

    The squirrel at Foggy Bottom... by the way: I'm obsessed with squirrels. Posted by Picasa

    All in all: a very nice weekend indeed!

    Saturday, October 22, 2005


    I just saw Kung-Fu Hustle, and it is the BEST movie in the whole wide world.

    And even if I'm just speaking in hyperbole when I say that (which I probably am...), I think I can safely say that it's a newcomer on my "top-five movies" list.

    It was fablous. Simply fabulous.

    Yes, yes, yes.

    Friday, October 21, 2005

    I made this!

    This creation was born tonight as I stood, holding an old piece of vintage wallpaper in one hand, and a sample of fancy glass in the other. All of a sudden my brain put two-and-two together... I looked at one hand... then I looked at the other... and slowly put one on top of the other... my eyes misted with tears!! (ok, not really, but I DID get really excited)

    And so I ran right home and adhered the wallpaper to the back of the glass, glued ribbon on the edges, and voila! A beautiful wall hanging!

    **I A M S O H A P P Y ! ! !**

    So here's what you're seeing - the frosted look and the etched lines are from the glass. The wallpaper was just a simple sample of flowered/bird covered imagery.

    I heart you guys ^_^

    Thursday, October 20, 2005

    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Finally, I'm sure

    I finally posted a bunch of new Jewelry on Etsy and Flickr that I'd made. Here are a couple samples (go to my Flickr &/or Etsy sites to see more).

    Also, I stopped by 'Georgetown Tabacco' after work this afternoon and bought 6 new cigar boxes to decorate. Hooray!! (can we say *marianne's-new-obsession*?)

    ALSO-also, I was looking at Kateyjn's live journal, and she briefly mentioned that she was going to try her hand at lino-prints, and it reminded me how very much I miss printmaking! I loved it when I did it during college (see multi-colored print below), and I also got really into it in Japan (see black & whites below). I miss it!! And so... I'm going to go grab some more lino blocks so I can make more of these.

    And, Garth: I know, I know... I'm overloading my plate even more, and now I'll have even less time to do anything...

    Tuesday, October 18, 2005

    The streets are paved with diamonds, and there's just so much to see...

    New York was great! I just walked around in circles for two days, taking photos, exploring back alleys, and shopping at random thrift stores, street markets, and bead stores that I stumbled across. So nice. I got some good photos (the better of which can be seen on Flickr - actually, only half of them are right now. I'll post the others later), although here are a couple:

    Also: I had a wicked awesome shopping spree. I spent about $200 that I'd saved up, on a myriad of fantastic things...

    I bought....
    1. 2-pairs of shoes (1 pair Diesel, and 1 pair No-nno [a japanese brand])
    2. a huuuuge belt
    3. a brown (p)leather and brass hobo bag
    4. 3 t-shirts for me
    5. 1 t-shirt as a gift
    6. 1 tea cup/mug thing as a gift for Garth
    7. tons of jewelry to disassemble and re-make into *nice* jewelry (as opposed to gaudy)
    8. several pieces of jewelry to wear
    9. a pack of fluffy mice for my kitty
    10. lots and lots of beads and chain and earring posts from several bead stores
    11. 6 cigar boxes to decorate and sell (1 is already decorated in the pic above, and the bright red one is for me to keep... because I love red, and I love that box!)
    12. 3 mangas for me; one as a gift for Garth

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Fridays are the best ( T H E B E S T ! ! ! )

    I'm off to NYC this afternoon. I'm REALLY looking forward to it; more than any of the other myriad of trips I've taken to NY, I think. Goodness knows why (Probably because I'm armed with a huge list of thrift stores and flea markets...). I'm sure I will come back with tons of new goods and photos for you all :)

    Here are a couple images for you: Drea with her darling Eli, and a new necklace I made while over there this morning (I was talking to her about how I've somehow developed a disorder where I'm literally unable to be idle. I have to be making things or... sketching, taking photos, or... something! Naturally, my carry-on for the train is going to be quite heavy. :)

    Also: Good news! Alicia's pregnant again (hurrah!)

    Thursday, October 13, 2005

    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    tuesday night photos

    More jewelry.

    More stuff I made last night :)

    Also, FYI: The pictures I took of the new Victoria's Secret in my last post are from A-F-T-E-R they changed the display. Before, when I first saw it, the models were in dog poses and chains and stuff. Just so you know. This is their quote-unquote GOOD, non-sexy display...

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Les fotografiques

    I don't think that's actually a french word.

    Anyway. I snuck to Tyson's today and recorded Vitoria's Secret (until Garth and I were sort of kicked out by an angry saleslady because I took a photo). Look: