Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The streets are paved with diamonds, and there's just so much to see...

New York was great! I just walked around in circles for two days, taking photos, exploring back alleys, and shopping at random thrift stores, street markets, and bead stores that I stumbled across. So nice. I got some good photos (the better of which can be seen on Flickr - actually, only half of them are right now. I'll post the others later), although here are a couple:

Also: I had a wicked awesome shopping spree. I spent about $200 that I'd saved up, on a myriad of fantastic things...

I bought....
1. 2-pairs of shoes (1 pair Diesel, and 1 pair No-nno [a japanese brand])
2. a huuuuge belt
3. a brown (p)leather and brass hobo bag
4. 3 t-shirts for me
5. 1 t-shirt as a gift
6. 1 tea cup/mug thing as a gift for Garth
7. tons of jewelry to disassemble and re-make into *nice* jewelry (as opposed to gaudy)
8. several pieces of jewelry to wear
9. a pack of fluffy mice for my kitty
10. lots and lots of beads and chain and earring posts from several bead stores
11. 6 cigar boxes to decorate and sell (1 is already decorated in the pic above, and the bright red one is for me to keep... because I love red, and I love that box!)
12. 3 mangas for me; one as a gift for Garth

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