Sunday, October 30, 2005

weekend shenanigans

This weekend was so superb! It started off with great hang out time, and ENDED with great hang out time! In between was fun too :) Here's a synopsis in photo-montage:

Garth took me out to dinner at MaiThai in Old Town Alexandria. It was F A B U L O U S... That food was incredible... I'm totally for serious.

I set up a booth at the Courthouse Market on Saturday morning. It was freezing cold, and I didn't see a lot... but the experience was good. I gave out a few of my cards, and met a really cool, Uruguain... Uruguay-ian... Architect from Uruguay that makes glass jewelry.

[No picture available]
I met Garth's parents on Saturday (!!!). They're super-cool people, I really liked them. They gave me some delicious chinese green tea :)

This morning I got side-tracked on GW Parkway (after forgetting about the time change! HA!!) and had to drive past Spout Run because of the Marine Corps Marathon - and so I pulled over on a bunch of scenic overlooks to enjoy the beautiful Sunday-morning-view.

And here are my favorite pictures from the Corn Maze this afternoon (such fun!!!)

Matt & Geoff take part in pumpkin funniness

Marianne & Garth try on hats

Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this scene... the birdies attacked...

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Cassie said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Incidentally, I loooove that Thai resturant too in Old's fab!