Monday, October 24, 2005

The weekend, in short.

The necklace I made for my mum. Posted by Picasa
Friday was made up of a slow class, and a very frustrating meeting with one of my teachers in which I fould out that there was really no way of me graduating before Spring 2007... DESPITE THE FACT THAT I ONLY HAVE 8 CLASSES LEFT. If you ask me, I should be done after summer, but they won't let me rush it because... well, for a myriad of reasons that, although unreasonable, I can't argue with because "it's the way we do things". (marianne glares angrily at the computer screen while composing herself)... But Friday evening was better - it involved collages in coffee shops (hooray!) and general hanging-out fun.

"These Trees are Made of Honey" -- the collage from Friday night Posted by Picasa

Saturday was great. I got to go have brunch with Garth at the Boulevard Woodgrill, and then off I hustled to Dulles to pick up my mum and dad, (they were flying in from London). That evening the aforementioned Best Movie Evah... "Kung Fu Hustle" (I'm totally buying that movie) was watched, along with 'Sideways'. We ended up watching the movies in the wrong order though. We should have watched Sideways 1st, because although good, it was a letdown after KFH. Anything would have been, really...

Waiting for my parents at Dulles. Posted by Picasa

Today (Sunday) was church, and then lunch with MIKE at the Carribean Grill (see, I TOLD you I'd mention you, Mike!). While we were there - more specifically, when we were about to leave - Mike dropped his chapstick under a table being used by some random people, and then we had to wait until they left so he could get it back (he, like me, is obsessed with having chapstick on his lips). But it was even funnier when we were actually going to get it, and a new pair of people sat down... but first they took his chapstick, and he had to ask them to give it back... Does this story make ANY sense online?? I feel like it doesn't... but trust me, it was funny!

Garth in Ginza. Posted by Picasa

After that, Garth and I walked around in Dupont for an hour or two, where I ran into an old friend who I played soccer with in highschool, Stephanie. I was so embarassed, because her name was on the tip of my tongue, but I couldn't remember it, and she was like "Marianne, right?"... anyways. She was a really nice girl back then, and I'm assuming she still is, so it was nice to see her. And now I can visit her at work, because I know where she works (bedazzled in Dupont)! Afterwards we ate at Bertucci's (yummmm), got coffee at Murky, and then hung out at his place. I made some more jewelry, we watched some tv... the usual.

The squirrel at Foggy Bottom... by the way: I'm obsessed with squirrels. Posted by Picasa

All in all: a very nice weekend indeed!

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