Sunday, April 30, 2006


Robert: Marianne, I think you need to incorporate more black into your wardrobe.

Yes, Robert. I should, shouldn't I?

Oh. By the way, everybody (though, this is mainly aimed at Timoni and Garth), Monday, May 8, is the Freaks & Geeks marathon at Galaxy Hut. We're GOING! Ok? Everybody else: you should come too. It's one of the best shows e-v-a-h. For serious.

the first night.

the first night.
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I gave myself a haircut on Friday night. It was so fun! I've been cutting my own hair since I got a pixie cut in college, but I'd been growing it out for such a long time, this is the first time I've done it for about a year.

I REALLY loved that long part on the side, because it looked so cute and punky, but after a few hours, my hair would get oily, and it just ended up looking kind of like a rat-tail. So I cut it off 36 hours after the first hair cut.

... that's one of the best parts of cutting your hair by yourself. You don't have to say "man, I paid 60 bucks for this! I can't change it!!"

the "Now I look even YOUNGER!" shot

This morning, after I made the executive decision to cut off the "rat-tail".

the back (it was the hardest part!!)

The back is always the hardest to cut, but it came out really well, I think. Yay!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

two weeks, two weeks, two weeks!

I am ALMOST done with my project, way ahead of schedule (as opposed to 4 in the morning).

Also, I just realized that in exactly 2 weeks and 12 hours I will be on my way to LONDON -- whooo!

***SO HAPPY!***

Clooney makes me swooney... or not.

Wow, this is the first time I've had enough time to do anything with blogger for a week! This project I have due tomorrow morning is sucking the life out of... well, out of my life. Only 24 more hours though. And besides, I'm having a good time working on the project. I didn't think I'd like office planning thatmuch, but it's not so bad.

Anyhow, right now I'm working on a digital booklet thing that I have to turn in with the project tomorrow, and I've got one of my favorite shows, 'Golden Girls' playing in the background.

The point of this story is that George Clooney is playing a young police officer on the show, and, heehee, it's so funny!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I found this on "Cute Overload" today. WOW, it's so cute!! Penguins, being one of my two favorite-looking animals (tied with Pandas), are too much. And this image... oh! It slays me!



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His name is Creature.

He's very sad.

He's supposed to be a penguin.

I think he's adorable.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

my eye

my eye
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I like this as a banner. Maybe I can work it into one of my websites. Etsy perhaps?

Sunday Drive

Country Lane
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My mom, dad, and I all drove down to Williamsburg Blvd, within 300 feet of where I lived from birth through age 8. Every spring we'd go walk around the crab apple trees. And THIS YEAR I had my trusty camera on hand!


This one is for Garth (#2)
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I'm not wearing any make-up! My defenses are down without my eyes all painted black. {:O

4.16.06, 1:15pm

For Albert
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I took this while I was driving today (not the safest proposition, I know). I'm just always so amazed at God's creation, especially 1. the vast oceans, and 2. the vast skies. And the world seems especially sweet today, on Easter Sunday, because I'm even more aware today of Christ's sacrifice and rebirth for us.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ma peeps

Ma peeps
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At the Ladytron show. We posed for so many pics before getting a great one, but this was my favorite, because it's just so incredibly SILLY ^_^

(please ignore my double chin. I PROMISE that it only comes out on rare occasions...!


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Timoni, Garth and I saw the French Kicks and Ladytron last night at 9:30 Club.


Timoni, we have GOT to see more shows together. Period!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

weekend wear

I just want to say that I feel like I've been watching 'what not to wear' ALL. WEEKEND. LONG!!

No, really. All weekend long.

But that's just how it seems. In actuality, I've spent about 20 hours drafting and rendering things for my office design class, eaten a (delicious!) Russian dinner prepared by Michelle, played with my cat, hung out with Garth, waited for AAA to jumpstart my car battery, spent an hour at the bank, and took lots of pictures. Oh! And we ate at Outback on Friday night. I'm *still* full.

For a good chunk of the time I've been drafting, though, I was watching TV, and somehow 'what not to wear' was on my television for about 3/4 of that time. And right now is no exception. IT'S ON AGAIN! I'm pretty sure it's a weekend-long marathon, because it was really (no, SERIOUSLY) on all the time.

I'm not complaining though, I [heart] that show!

Friday, April 07, 2006

meet my friends: FuzzyNavel, Screwdriver, Margarita, and Mojito!

AOL has an article up about what your favorite drinks say about you. The "Happy Hour Decoder", they call it!

Well, my all time favorite is the Fuzzy Navel, with close runner-ups of Screwdriver, Margaritas, and Mojitos.

The article doesn't address the fuzzy navel or screwdriver, although they talk about daiquiris, so I'll go with that, since they're all fruit-juice-based (and I DOOO love teh daq!).

The Daiquiri (makes me laugh! You don't need a while to find out I'm a good catch. Man, I'm amazing! ;)- "If your date orders a daiquiri, be sure and check her driver's license; she may not be old enough to drink. Daiquiri's are cute, in a fruit juice sort of way, so she's a woman you have to take it slow with. She could be a great catch, but it will take a while to find out."

Next: The Margarita - "Frozen or not, this drink signifies a fun-loving girl who may have made an appearance in 'Girls Gone Wild' in her college days. She's probably a fan of shots too, so don't be surprised to hear a story about how she drank some guy under the table. If you're not afraid of her past, this free-spirited girl could help you create a future of fond memories."

Finally: Mojito - "Here's an exotic woman who isn't interested in the same old, same old. Pull out all the stops if you want to spend time with her; dinner and a movie might not be exciting enough to keep a mojito-drinker interested. Be prepared to do new things, go new places and take dating to a new level."

Monday, April 03, 2006

The tornadoes move in

The tornadoes move in
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In class tonight we had to stop until the storm passed, because there was a tornado watch in effect, and some woman on a loud speaker outside kept going around saying "Close all windows, and step away from them!"

Well, our room had really large windows covering an entire wall, so we left the room for a few minutes until it passed. But the vista was so dramatic that I refused to leave until I'd taken a couple of photos. And I can also say with all honesty: if there HAD been a tornado, I would have stayed and taken pictures. It'd be so cool looking! BTW - that's a ig golf course that looks all black in the photo, and a lacrosse field in the foreground.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

busy, busy.

I am very, very tired. And partially miffed. But also fairly satisfied, because I got to go sell my softies at the Arlington Civitan's monthly garage sale! I've been going every month that it happens (when I've been home) since I was in 10th grade, but this was my first seller experience.

I only had one customer who rubbed me the wrong way and actually ended up cheating me out of a couple of dollars, but that was a learning experience, and it won't happen again. But it was a successful day. I ended up selling about 15 of my softies. I also made friends with the people selling nearby, and they had tons of great tips for me. In fact, there was a good number of crafters who stopped by to tell me "YOU HAVE **GOT** TO TAKE THESE TO A CRAFT SHOW!!!", which was really flattering. The crowd we were selling to today was a flea market crowd, who is always looking for a bargain. As such, my softies weren't going to sell for $30 each or anything. I basically ended up halving the prices they're all listed at online. And it worked out well!

So, The next thing on my agenda is to restock on softies (I certainly have enough fabric to do it with, too), and then locate some nearby craft shows to take part in in the next month or two. Mostly because at a craft show, someone WILL pay $30 per for these guys. Yay!

Last night, Garth and I took a picnic down to the tidal basin, and we ate under the stars, and beaneath the cherry blossoms. It was quite nice. And this weather is INCREDIBLE. We had meant to get there before dark, but Metro is dumb, so he couldn't get to my place until around 6. By then we still had to get the food and then drive in and park, so I probably won't have any incredible cherry blossom photos this year. I do have some cool ones of the memorials at night, though, which I'l post once I upload them to the computer.

I'm not complaining though. Cherryblossom pictures here just don't qite live up to the ones from Japan, because there are SO. MANY. THERE. See? ---

--- too pretty to compete with! That first one was a park about 20 minutes from my house there, and the second was in a Sakura forest I went to in Oita. Imagine. A whole FOREST of cherry blossoms! It was so pretty...