Monday, May 15, 2006


I broke my cell phone this morning. Snapped clean in half. BAH!

So if you haven't sent me your phone number yet, please e-mail it to me so that I can continue harassing you with ill-timed phone calls. Whoever you are.

In other news, I found this while I nibbled on lunch. It's meant to be printed out and taken to shows with you, and the person who wins is bought a drink or some such reward. I'm just posting it because it's funny. And it's funny because it's true.

If I go to a show with my usual "crowd" of show people (usually made up of Garth, Timoni, and Geoff) I've got these covered:
+ 4-foot tall girl (me)
+ chunky plastic-frame glasses (Garth)
+ Tattoo of a star (Geoff)
+ Hoodie (Garth)
+ Old-school Chucks (Me and Timoni)
+ Blogger with digital camera (Me, Timoni, and Garth).

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Closer to death

First off, I just saw 'Closer', and despite it being an incredibly depressing movie, about love gone rotten, people hurting and despising each other, there was something so... honest about it. It was really truthful about men and women, at least in most of the experiences I've had. But admittedly, I've never had such crazy ecxperiences ^_^

It DID reinforce the fact that I want to move to London someday for their fabulous design scene. Right after I go to New York! (and, btw, I AM SO STOKED ABOUT LONDON!! Only one more week to wait... :):):):) I haven't gotten to go back for 3 years. That's too long).

Second: tonight my dad and I took my mom out to dinner to celebrate mother's day. She's going to London on Saturday, a week before the two of us, with some friends, so we had to do it tonight. We took her to Cafe Tahi (a fabulous, tiny, whole in the wall in McLean, which serves European cuisine and is totally delish). So, long story short, there was this woman who almost DIED! We'd just started giving my mom a few tiny gifts and cards, when an elderly woman stands up and frantically yells:

"Somebody call 911!!! She can't breath, SHE CAN'T BREATH! Call 911!!"

And we look over, and this woman had collapsed on the floor, choking to death and unconcious.

Eventually she started breathing again, and the EMTs and Firemen came, and everything was ok. In the end she ended up being fine, and it was pretty funny when, two minutes after nearly dying, she sat up and finised her fillet mignon. But hey, as my dad said, "well, the steak here IS good!"

Revamping Restaurant Slums

Don't get me wrong. I like my cheeseburger happymeal as much as the next 25.... er... 5 year old, but McDonald's isn't the height of foodish fashion. Now, however, they are planning an enormous redesign, and rebranding.

Out with the bright yellows and reds, and in with a subdued yellow, and assorted coffee-shop-esque tones (think Starbucks label).

Out with uncomfortable metal seating, in with textiles and lounge chairs.


In with the WiFi.

They've had WiFi for a little while at some McDonalds, but now they're trying to make it nationwide (although I don't really see the residents or rural Kansas caring that much).

Essentially, they're trying to make it a little more "upscale cafe", and less "restaurant-club pariah". Anyhow. Here are some images of the new look.

Last Weekend

Garth and Alex
Originally uploaded by domo_arigato.
#1. Garth & Alex

Our boys are deep in thought, nerding it up.
#2. Me n Kim

Me n Kim
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Playing pool last weekend. It was super-duper-trooper fun.
#3. Timoni looks adorable (and slightly sheepish, for some reason)
Having a fabulous time playing Settlers of Catan. Such a great game!

I won this one. My first game ever! Good job, Marianne, running with that beginner's luck.

#4. Steve and Spock

Steve and Spock
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I've officially started work at Murky Coffee! wOOOOt! It's fun.

Anyway, this wasn't from when I was working. I was sitting around with Steve the wonder-artist and friends.

Good times.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

what show is this?

(Background story: Blanche and Rose were doing a dress rehersal when they were sent home because of a hurricane warning. They didn't have time to change out of their nun's habits, and went home carrying their clothes with them. They walked in to find Uncle Angelo (who happens to be a priest) visiting with Dorothy, and somehow found themselves telling Angelo they're nuns, but Blanche is standing there, holding her underwear...)

Rose: "Hello, I'm sister Rose."
Blanhce: "I'm sister Blanche... We're here collecting... Lingerie.... for... needy sexy people."

So, tell me, what show was I watching? I'll buy a soda or something for whoever guesses...