Wednesday, May 03, 2006

what show is this?

(Background story: Blanche and Rose were doing a dress rehersal when they were sent home because of a hurricane warning. They didn't have time to change out of their nun's habits, and went home carrying their clothes with them. They walked in to find Uncle Angelo (who happens to be a priest) visiting with Dorothy, and somehow found themselves telling Angelo they're nuns, but Blanche is standing there, holding her underwear...)

Rose: "Hello, I'm sister Rose."
Blanhce: "I'm sister Blanche... We're here collecting... Lingerie.... for... needy sexy people."

So, tell me, what show was I watching? I'll buy a soda or something for whoever guesses...


quarto said...

Golden Girls!

Anonymous said...

I know I'm not first, but I so knew it too! I want a present.

Marianne said...

Timoni wins! I owe you a coffee or something.

Kiki, someday I'll buy you a candy bar for knowing it too ^_^