Saturday, September 23, 2006


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Clarice grew up with an overly-controlling mother, who always wanted her to be a beauty queen. But because of her slight chubbiness, Clarice never quite made it in the Beauty Queen circuit.

But because she was teased about her weight (by both her mother and fellow contestants), Clarice has grown up very sensitive about how she looks. In fact, she is so nervous about her weight that she loads herself up on accessories, in hopes that people will notice those instead of her oversized love handles.

Also, she desperately loves boys, and wants a boyfriend more than anything in the whole wide world, but she gets tongue-tied and shy to a neurotic degree whenever she is around males. As such, she will most likely never date...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

it is a bi-week of newness!!!

During the past two weeks, I have gotten three very important and fabulous new things. In fact, they are SO important, SO fabulous, and SOOOO exciting, that I'm going to tell you about all three of them, and right now! ^_^

#1: My new car
It's a 2007 Ford Escape. It looks exactly like this, with the dark grey detals, etc. ^_^

#2: My new phone

This is a Sanyo Katana. I adore this phone. It's slim and icey pink (yay!). It looks much pinker in this photo than it really is, btw. It's really quite pale and pretty.

#3: My new bike!
And Electra Betty, also in my darling, delightful ice-pink, and fitted out with the following sweet accessories. IT IS SO HOTT!!
A) Black leather streamers

B) A black, detachable basket

C) Skull & Crossbones valve caps, in Chrome (My FAVORITE detail!)

D) "Electra Love" Bell (My second-favorite detail!)^_^

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

my new hair

my new hair
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well... icey pink is, apparently, my new favorite color...

As can be seen with my incredible, new, icey pink phone. And my rad, new, icey pink cruiser bike. Photos to be posted soon.

Also, I have a BRAND NEW CAR!!!!! I got it last week, but I haven't updated this thing in so long it hasn't gotten mentioned yet. It is AMAZING! Again: pictures to be posted soon.

Ooooo, my life is just so full of wonderful new things, I'm such a happy girl ^_^

Monday, September 04, 2006

An ecological great is gone :(

Oh, I am so devastated!

Steve Irwin has been killed! A stingray's spine hit him in the heart! I mean, I guess we all knew it could happen someday, given his propensity to hover too closely to very dangerous animals, but it's still realy sad. And a lot sooner than I thought. I figured that someday when he was old and had lost his coordination he might mess up and get hurt, but he was only 44. When I was in college (oh, so many years ago) I watched Crocodile Hunter marathons whenever I could.


We'll miss you, crazy Steve. You were great.