Saturday, April 01, 2006

busy, busy.

I am very, very tired. And partially miffed. But also fairly satisfied, because I got to go sell my softies at the Arlington Civitan's monthly garage sale! I've been going every month that it happens (when I've been home) since I was in 10th grade, but this was my first seller experience.

I only had one customer who rubbed me the wrong way and actually ended up cheating me out of a couple of dollars, but that was a learning experience, and it won't happen again. But it was a successful day. I ended up selling about 15 of my softies. I also made friends with the people selling nearby, and they had tons of great tips for me. In fact, there was a good number of crafters who stopped by to tell me "YOU HAVE **GOT** TO TAKE THESE TO A CRAFT SHOW!!!", which was really flattering. The crowd we were selling to today was a flea market crowd, who is always looking for a bargain. As such, my softies weren't going to sell for $30 each or anything. I basically ended up halving the prices they're all listed at online. And it worked out well!

So, The next thing on my agenda is to restock on softies (I certainly have enough fabric to do it with, too), and then locate some nearby craft shows to take part in in the next month or two. Mostly because at a craft show, someone WILL pay $30 per for these guys. Yay!

Last night, Garth and I took a picnic down to the tidal basin, and we ate under the stars, and beaneath the cherry blossoms. It was quite nice. And this weather is INCREDIBLE. We had meant to get there before dark, but Metro is dumb, so he couldn't get to my place until around 6. By then we still had to get the food and then drive in and park, so I probably won't have any incredible cherry blossom photos this year. I do have some cool ones of the memorials at night, though, which I'l post once I upload them to the computer.

I'm not complaining though. Cherryblossom pictures here just don't qite live up to the ones from Japan, because there are SO. MANY. THERE. See? ---

--- too pretty to compete with! That first one was a park about 20 minutes from my house there, and the second was in a Sakura forest I went to in Oita. Imagine. A whole FOREST of cherry blossoms! It was so pretty...

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