Friday, October 21, 2005

I made this!

This creation was born tonight as I stood, holding an old piece of vintage wallpaper in one hand, and a sample of fancy glass in the other. All of a sudden my brain put two-and-two together... I looked at one hand... then I looked at the other... and slowly put one on top of the other... my eyes misted with tears!! (ok, not really, but I DID get really excited)

And so I ran right home and adhered the wallpaper to the back of the glass, glued ribbon on the edges, and voila! A beautiful wall hanging!

**I A M S O H A P P Y ! ! !**

So here's what you're seeing - the frosted look and the etched lines are from the glass. The wallpaper was just a simple sample of flowered/bird covered imagery.

I heart you guys ^_^

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Nattokra said...

hey i found out that blogger lets you write in japanese too, so i made a new blog last week in japanese. no one reads it though (since no one can read japanese). i was hoping at least my parents would... but alas...

p.s. i think i already told you, but i think the jewelry looks great!!