Friday, October 14, 2005

Fridays are the best ( T H E B E S T ! ! ! )

I'm off to NYC this afternoon. I'm REALLY looking forward to it; more than any of the other myriad of trips I've taken to NY, I think. Goodness knows why (Probably because I'm armed with a huge list of thrift stores and flea markets...). I'm sure I will come back with tons of new goods and photos for you all :)

Here are a couple images for you: Drea with her darling Eli, and a new necklace I made while over there this morning (I was talking to her about how I've somehow developed a disorder where I'm literally unable to be idle. I have to be making things or... sketching, taking photos, or... something! Naturally, my carry-on for the train is going to be quite heavy. :)

Also: Good news! Alicia's pregnant again (hurrah!)


quarto said...

I loooooooooove that necklace. Want to hear all about New York! Pictures!

Marianne said...

Wanna buy it? $13!!! :)

ps - I'll post about NY today or tomorrow when I'm home from work/school :)