Friday, October 28, 2005

Things I'm obsessing over NOW

1. The "International Style" of architecture. Namely:
  • Mies van der Rohe's architecture
  • Mies van der Rohe's furniture (scroll down)
  • Le Corbusier's furniture
  • Alvar Aalto's Glassware

  • 2. Japanese Fashion trends (I am TOTALLY going to get into the "foot covers" thing)
  • Japanese Streets ("street fashion" links on the right)
  • Web-Japan
  • MetroCity (go to the "tokyo pictures" section)

  • 3. Japanese architects of now
  • Toyo Ito
  • Makoto Yokomizo
  • ...and while I'm at it...
  • Wallpaper Magazine

  • 4. Browsing the online world of crafts
  • Etsy
  • Katey Nicosa's crafts
  • Links to Japanese Crafts
  • CandleLight Crafts
  • Looby-Lu (see the "craft blogs" link on the left-hand side

  • 5. Roweun's self-portraits (her lipstick is the B E S T !)

  • 6. Knoll Furniture and Design

  • ... and I think that's enough for now. There are more, but I'll wait and do that sometime next week (assuming I have time). Enjoy!!


    quarto said...

    Okay, so I'm looking at the "Japanese Streets" site, and all I can think is, seriously, how much stuff can one being possibly wear? Apparently, if you're a small Japaneser, the answer is "enough mass to cause a small star to cave in on itself." w0w.

    Marianne said...

    Yeah, I know! The description I have long used when people ask me about Japanese fashion (at least the "trendy" kind) is: "It looks as though they pick a number out of a hat, closed their eyes, and reached in a drawer to choose that number of shirts/pants/skirts/tights/what-have-you, and then put those things on in the order they were pulled out."

    And I'm glad, I think, they're usually lucky enough to pull the pants out first :)

    I think this description allows for the odd number of shirts and the strange patter combinations that seem to end up on them.

    BUT I LOVE IT!!! I wish we had that much creativity in our wardrobes here (except less... mass.)