Sunday, October 09, 2005

Les fotografiques

I don't think that's actually a french word.

Anyway. I snuck to Tyson's today and recorded Vitoria's Secret (until Garth and I were sort of kicked out by an angry saleslady because I took a photo). Look:


Ginny said...

Whores! Whores! Whores!

quarto said...

Les sexy.

Just kidding. Thanks for posting pics.

SassyWonk said...

Um, can I say...horrified?! I'm appalled at the new VS display, M. :( And my parents will be in town this weekend and will want to go to the mall! that means that I will have to take them past it...ewww.

Laura said...

What's with the third photo? Those are two half-nude women together. But you're right, this is much less than what was there before. Those photos would have to be censored. hah.

Look, they have better abs than anyone I know.