Monday, October 31, 2005

a productive day

First of all, I found this site online that was quite wonderful. I luv it! I intend on buying many cool things there! And possibly submitting MY stuff there to get sold... It's
  • PixieGirlShop
  • .

    I'm especially in love with the arm warmers (I bought 4 pairs when I lived in Japan, so I guess you could say I love them... because... it's true, I DO! ^_^). They also have a wide variety of cool iPod cases that, when I get an iPod, I will choose from. and ALSO: loads of cute softies. I heart them!

    Oh, here are my latest robot sketches (Timoni, some random person on Flickr suggested today that I put them on Threadless, and that seems like a good idea - any hints/suggestions... or actually anything to say at all? I don't even know how that's done, so any comments are welcomed :).

    More to come soon. I love these little guys ;)


    Cassie said...

    those are sooooo cute! I especially like the first one.

    quarto said...

    Mhines, they are both great and I think both would be excellent Threadless submissions. I can help you get them ready (here are the tech specs; not hard, but easier if you've got Photoshop). My main advice would be to make sure they're the appropriate size, and you'll probably want to use a spot color or two so the details don't get lost (first figure out what t-shirt color(s) you want to use, then go from there). There are a few really detailed sketch-style t-shirts on the site, but remember, they're pretty big designs. Let me know if want/need more help. Maybe Friday?

    quarto said...

    Also, of the different versions, I think the "I don't like you" doodle is the best fit for a t-shirt. Although you can definitely submit all three.