Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Since last saturday I have:

- eaten Gelato in Italy!
- been in the center of a dog fight (that was REALLY scary, despite having no fear of dogs. I thought I was going to get rabies)
- Seen a lemon the size of my head. Literally.
- been kissed by an Italian man without my consent.
- Been offered rides by Italian men on Vespas (I would hve said yes, but they were skeezy.. I mean, it's a VESPA!!!).
- gotten caught in a rainstorm in the Roman Forum.
- eaten REAL italian pizza.
- been served a screwdriver made with fresh-squeezed, Italian blood oranges.
- painted in Rome.
- Stood in the shadow of Mt. Vesuvius.
- seen Bernini's most famous sculptures in REAL LIFE (::sigh::)
- Met a man named "Giaco"... and many men named "antonio"...
- bought shirts at a REAL Diesel store (..DOUBLE sigh::)

And that's just the beginning!!

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