Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bomb laces

I'd never heard of the Dirtbombs prior to a month ago. Then I got to hear one of their albums, and I thought to myself: "Self, this isn't bad." . Then: last night we went to their show at Iota.

It was punk meeting funk, and on the best possible terms.

They were quite a motley crew: Skinny goth guy with greasy hair + Large black dude with an unshaven face + Small and twithchy asian girl. Oh. And two realatively normal drummers. Yes, they had 2 drummers. Also 2 bassists. Unfortunately I had just gone to the bathroom during their grand finale, which included drums flying in the air. What a shame to have missed it...

The opening act was quite good, too. "Breaking Laces", they were called, from Brooklyn, and the lead singer was beyond hilarious with his dry humor, blurry speech, and obviuously satirical steps up onto and back down off of the speakers. And then he dismantled the drum set while the drummer was still playing the last song. There was lots of breaking drums last night.

Oh. And it was like the loudest concert I've ever been to. On the way home I couldn't really hear much of anything, and I think I was talking really loud. But I can't actually be sure, can I, since it sounded so very quiet to ME?

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