Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Silly expectations!

I signed onto AOL, and there was a link promising to give you "quirky summer date ideas!". I followed it, thinking that even if I didn't use these ideas for dates, I'd be interested to hear what they were. I saw Horseback Riding near the top of the list, and since I rode competitively for a little over 10 years, I thought "Hey, maybe it'll have something interesting" and clicked on the link.

What it turned out to be was a listing of single men across the country who liked horseback riding, on "Love@AOL, by Match.com".


And that's when I noticed something about Guy #2, COWBOYYUP. He was 38, but listed himself as only being interested in women who were 22-40. "AS IF," I thought, "He should readjust his thinking to have more of a spread, like 32-45." I, personally, don't think that many 22 year old women should be dating men who are 38. I know it happens sometimes, but if it's his dating *RULE*...

Guy #1, "HorseRidingHero" (who, by the way, didn't look like a hero...), was realistic though. He was 24, and looking for a woman 18-26. That's a resonable range, right?

However, my curiosity and desire to find patterns in things was peeked, and I quickly moved on to see what exactly IS the age range these guys were looking for? It turns out that most men over the age of 35 preferred a woman younger than he was, while men in their 20s gave a reasonable age range, from a few years younger to a few years older. Here are some of the older-wanting-younger examples (incidentally, who thought up these names??):

1. Painthor: 55 years old, looking for a woman 30-50
2. Kevinjp504: 41 years old, looking for a woman 26-44
3. Ace107: 54 years old, looking for a woman 32-54
4. Mebcowboy: 50 years old, looking for a woman 30-47
5. asweetcharm: 43 years old, looking for a woman 35-40
6. dawesner: 51 years old, looking for a woman 25-45
7. JYouseff: 41 years old, looking for a woman 25-43
8. S4865: 44 years old, looking for a woman 20-44
9. Sparky478: 54 years old, looking for a woman 30-45
10. Mitchnew2: 32 years old, looking for a woman 24-32

One that also caught my eye was 'SlimDandy23', who's ad says "I am a 23 yearold male who has been threw more crap than anyone should ever have too go threw..." First of all, for the love of pete, use spell check or a grammar book! But what really gets me is that he uses his alotted paragraph to assure us all that things have happened to him, by the wee age of 23, that have obviously left him with huge baggage. Why would you do that to your ad, Slim?? *sigh*

Also, there was "workingaround, who advertised himself as a 43 year old man. Sorry Working. You're totally, like, 60!! If you don't want people knowing how old you are, don't put THAT picture on your 43 year old profile!

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debbie said...

haha!! you are hilarious!!