Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House?!

This is a week full of flashbacks! First: wonderful Garth found a free, old-school version of Oregon Trail for me. So what have I been doing all week? Oregon Trail.

...Timoni died of typhoid during the first 15 minutes...

And THEN...

Remember Playing Mash in the 2nd grade? Well a friend of a friend found an online version, so I just went on over and played the game. My life turned out perfectly to plan, for like the very first time ever.

Marianne's usual mash results:
Lives in a shack located in an unspecified "3rd world country", drives a paintless, rust-covered VW Rabbit, has 1500 children with the class nose-picker, and works as a trash collector.

TODAY'S mash results:
Lives in a house located in Japan, drives (very appropriately) a blue Honda Element, has 0 children with .... a man who shall remain unnamed... and works as an interior designer!

I MIGHT want a kid someday, I guess... but other than that it was everything I could have hoped for :)


quarto said...

What is this Mash? I keep hearing about it, but I don't know what it is. Some oldschool Life-style game?? Sounds groovy.

Marianne said...

Mash is... a game of silliness and delight.

No, ok. Basically you plug in 5 guy's names, 5 cars, 5 colors (for the cars), 5 #s (of kids), 5 locations, etc, etc, pick a number using various methods, and use that to eliminate 4/5 of each group's options. Man, this is hard to explain on paper.

You can get as detailed as you like. You could even pick "retirement location" types of things. I guess that's how we'll play it in 20 years.

Because we WILL be playing it in 20 years...

matt said...

man...you're the only one. I just found out that I'm gonna live in a shack in Kyrgystan with 324 kids, working as a toilet plunger tester. The good news is I'll still drive the box (er...scion) ... the bad news is, it will be neon pink.
Wow, talk about a downer for a workday.

matt said...

the good thing about the computerized version: put in another number, and in a few seconds your future is entirely altered. Say hello to to a future computer hacker, living in an apartment on the Italian coast with 2 dogs and driving...well, still a box.
A malleable future is grand.

Ginny said...

How do you get this old-school version of Oregon Trail? Inquiring minds want to know. Oh, and my MASH results SUCKED. I'm off to play again! ;P

Anonymous said...

If you are interested in Oregon Trail, or any other old computer game that a majority of people may have deemed "now void of copyright," check Home of the Underdogs.

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