Saturday, January 19, 2013

I'm back! (but AM I back? We'll see.)

To be 100% honest, I'd completely forgotten about this blog until a dear friend posted a link to one of my old softies on my FB page. I proceeded to spend an hour reading posts about things I didn't remember doing or thinking about - it was actually kind of wonderful!

In the years since then, I've given several other blogs a go, but never really kept up with them. I mean, let's face it - I had a lot more time on my hands in 2005-2007 than I do now, in 2013! I've gotten married (I REALLY wish I had a blog from those days, when we were dating and falling in love, planning out future... I'd love to look back on my thoughts, but... oh well :). Anyhow, as I said I've gotten married, worked several different jobs, rediscovered pottery, gotten cats, rabbits, a dog, 2 coral tanks, and some praying mantids (not all at the same time, of course), and we even housed a sweet teenager for a year! Talk about going from zero to sixty in your second year of marriage - get a teenager ;) She was sweet, wonderful, and challenging. But that's a long story; maybe I'll tell you someday, but not today.

So, in other news - as a means of recording life instead of having a blog with particular meaning, this weekend is Inauguration weekend. Obama will be sworn in for his second term on Monday. We have a long weekend at work because of it, which means I've had some time to sit and do nothing. This leads to me feeling like I can waste time on my old blog! So, in a round-about way, I supposed I should thank Obama for my post.

I think that's enough of an "I'm back" post, so ta-ta for now. Maybe I'll see you again soon; maybe I won't. Hopefully I will.

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