Saturday, February 19, 2005

Girls and boys

Timoni, Garth and I went to KATSUCON today! It was fab, my friends. Fab. We got to watch 2 hours of this anime called "Full Metal Alchemist", which has got me totally hooked, and now I want to log onto and buy everything they have... well actually, only DVDs, even if they had other stuff related to it, because I be a po grad student.

The three of us noticed, I must say, that there is a reason that anime fans have a bad rap. Its because many of them ARE unkempt and lacking in social skills... Especially painful to watch were a few particular people trying to dance onstage before they gave out music video awards. Ack. It made me embarassed for everyone in the room, including myself, to have witnessed such atrocity. We observed also that Timoni and I were quite possibly two of the cutest/most normal chicks there... which doesn't make everyone ugly, because we ARE cute, but it doesn't pay anyone a huge compliment either.

Timoni and I were planning to go to a "Law School Prom" afterwards with this guy Eric who she knows, but we were both pooped when we got home, so it was a no-go. Our conversation about it went something like this:

Me: so do YOU want to go?
Timoni: I dunno, do you?
Me: Uh... I asked you first...
Timoni: Well, I'm tired...
Both: Let's not go.

Instead I will spend my evening in a state of semi-hibernation at home, in my sweatpants, cleaning up my house before my mom and dad return from out of town. Hoorah for cleaning!!

And lastly, some wise words from Timoni's blog:
"I don't think most people would say they need someone else to be complete, but everybody kind of feels they need someone to be satisfied."

I think this is kind of true, eh?


cheap-sat said...

i would've liked to have seen the band on friday

cheap-sat said...

what kind of dance were they doing?
was anyone dressed like Kaneda?

Marianne said...

I would've like to see the band too. Apparently they're super-funny.

The dancer was this guy dressed really elaborately as a Dragonball Z character, and what was so sad is that he wasn't really dancing so much as twitching his hips every 3 seconds and moving his arms around very slowly. At one point he pointed his fingers while he moved, a-la doing the twist... except badly.

quarto said...


Yeah, exactly.

Garth & I didn't get to see the band, though..the line was insanely long. Every time we thought we'd reached the end of it, we'd see a group of people, apparently loitering about, but on closer inspection they were leaning against the wall and looking bored.

The line snaked around one room, jumped over stairwells and vendor tables, and crossed three more. It was craziness.

Jesse said...

Marianne, you realize that was at my hotel, right? That's crazy, I didn't know you went to Katsucon 11! I wish I'd known; I would have bought you dinner in one of my restaurants or something. I had a BLAST with the Katsucon kiddies; very creative. Did you see the guy dressed up as the Master Chief from HALO? Or the guy dressed up as a Dragonball Z character, with two different hairstyles to go from Saiyan to Super-Saiyan?

...or the guy in the school girl outfit? ...ugh.

Anyways, just thought it was interesing that you came to my hotel! Take care!

Marianne said...

Yeah, I know, I talked to Chris about it - I TOTALLY should have had you hook me up with some food... a delicious bass, perhaps...

My favorite costume was by far the King of the Cosmos. He even had an orange down his pants. Timoni and I wanted to take a picture.

Jesse said...

Oh, I forgot about him! I talked with him for a good while one day. That was one of the most true-to-form costumes there, I think.

We should totally put bass on our new menu. We could call it simply "A Delicious Bass." It'd sell like hotcakes, I tell ya. HOTCAKES!