Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Robocop 2 is on UPN 20 on Saturday!

Here, I know I'm double posting, but I know you've been wondering, so here's what I did with my day off:

- woke up at 10:00
- weighed myself (119 pounds)
- called the veterinarian to see how much it costs to have my rabbit's teeth filed down ($21)
- called Dell to see how much it'll cost to fix my stupid laptop ($256)
- vacuumed our house. Our WHOLE house. Yikes...
- went to the bank to deposit 3 paychecks
- met Mae King for a walk & talk
- e-mailed a whole bunch of people
- payed some bills
- played a couple of games of online canasta
-went back to the bank to pick up my driver's lisence, which I left there the first time I was at the bank today
- had Bible study at my house
- ate enough junk food to believe that when I wake up tomorrow I can tell you that I now weigh 120 pounds again
-talked to Drea on the phone
- updated my blog
- cleaned some stuff around the house
- made my room messier than before
- DIDN'T make my bed (but then again, do I ever?)
- turned on random lights in the Shomaker's house to prevent burglary while they are away.

My, my, my, I live such an exciting life.


quarto said...

What, bible study wasn't super-exciting? :P

What's canasta?

My day usually goes: work, home, eat, read. So yours is WAY more interesting.

Marianne said...

Bible Study was, in fact, the most exciting part of my day off :)

Canasta is this card game from... uh... like 1950 or something. It's a little bit like Gin Rummy, only more complicated.