Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I done got myself a blog

Welcome to my new "Blog", everyone! (I really don't like calling it a blog. Who thought up that name anyways, and does it actually mean something, or is it just another internet word designed to make people over the age of 40 feel like they've lost touch with the english language?) I used to do LiveJournal when I was in Japan, but I hadn't updated it for almost a year and figured I might as well start from scratch.

I'm baking cake right now. Or as Pedro says, I'm "building" a cake. I love making cake, but I think it's because I like licking the pans. My mom tells me stories of how the first time I ever actually finished a meal wasn't until I was 9 or something, but I think that's just because it wasn't until I was 9 that I realized you can make entire meals out of sugar. Such as ice cream. When eaten in enough bulk ice cream can be a very filling meal... no, I jest. I haven't done that since college. And I'm the first to admit it was anything but nutritious. I do love sweets though.

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