Thursday, February 24, 2005

How 'bout that snow?

I woke up early this morning to a phone call from the Pre-Operative Center at VA. Hospital Center. Being very groggy I mumbled "hekjfgsjfh...?" (meaning hello). They told me that since my surgery is tomorrow I needed to come in immediately and get some last minute bloodwork done. So up I hopped, pulled on some sweatpants and a baseball hat, and drove to the hospital. Right before I left, however, I checked to see if we still had school. My hopes for classes being canceled were slim-to-none because although there was a light covering of snow on the ground, the streets just looked like it'd been raining.

But Hoorah! Classes were cancelled for the day!! I have only had to go to ONE class this week! How cool is that?? If you can't deduce for yourself, let me tell you: Pretty darn cool. My question, however, is this:

How is it that our nation's capital - arguably the single most powerful city on the earth - is shut down by 1/2 inch of snow? It's a mystery.

Anyways... so tomorrow morning I head in to have my INTRADUCTAL PAPILLOMA removed. It'll take a few hours mainly because I'll have to wake up from the anesthesia. That's always fun, right? I remember when I used to work at a veterinarian's office, and I'd watch the dogs wake up, drooling all over themselves, twitching, struggling to get control of their muscles... Eww... I'm glad I'm not eating right now because I have this one specific memory of a particularly drool-filled golden retriever that's playing in my head.

My day today has been significantly less productive than yesterday. I did lots of stuff yesterday because I figured it was my only day off, but now that I was suddenly handed all of this free time I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. And so the day has passed me by without me actually acheiving much of anything. What a sad, sad story :)

I do intend to go for a walk in the snow tonight though, if anyone close enough to walk cares to join me (**ahem** - Drea, Chris, Geoff, or Mari...). The night after a snow is always wonderful. It's so quiet and everything looks so clean. Tonight will be especially pretty because last night was a full moon (so it'll be bright).


matt said...

oooh...good luck on the surgery. no fun :(
On the other hand, fie on all of you who get days off because of snow!
I actually thought the same thing -- "How on earth can this city get closed because of a dust of snow?" but then I quickly turned around and used it as an excuse to work from home today. So perhaps that's your answer -- the world's most powerful city is full of people who will take any possible excuse not to work :)

Marianne said...

Yes. We are a city full of slackers. Perhaps the rest of the world can learn a thing or two from our don't-take-charge attitude.

quarto said...

My personal theory is that we aren't so much a city of wimps as a city chock-full of eager lawyers.

Steven Pearlstein of the Post complains about this, too:

"Washington, The Nation's Weather Wimp"

I used to complain about DC's horrible weather wimpiness back when I was a temp and didn't get paid for inclement weather. Now...I keep my mouth shut.

On a not-very-related note: If I were to name my son Steven, I would go with "Stephen" instead.