Saturday, March 26, 2005

20 reasons to spend an evening with Garth

1. Dinner at Asian Bistro
2. The worst below-ground art exhibit ever created (I hope they had to pay the city to put those up)
3. A relaxing, long drive to and from common grounds, complete with extremely illegal U-turns
4. Mark Rothko
5. Breaking and entering into Luke's apt (sorry Timoni!)
6. Sims 2 (I KILLED JAQUELINE!!!!)
7. A screwdriver, a lesson learned in how Kaluha and Bailey's should NOT be mixed (ew, gross), and sour milk (but great OJ)
8. Milk-chan
9. Full-Metal Alchemist
10. A dead dog and fruit
11. Pie
12. Mirror-filled elevators
13. 20,000 pennies in a burlap sack
14. What guns Garth wants to use if he ever joins the FBI
15. Land mines and police chases on the beach
16. Artistically rendered bird collages made out of "fabrik"
17. "Today my cat drank toilet water. From the TOILET!"
18. Bargain books from Borders
19. Phrases such as "by the by..."
20. Monkeys dressed as clowns

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