Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Back by popular demand!

Ginny the Mac demands I update, so here I am, merely minutes after receiving her request! My apologies for being so lax, but busyness has called recently.

Current music: Le Tigre, Broken Social Scene and Ambulance mix
Current clothes: Sweatpants, duh, it's midnight. Like I'd be in stillettos... well... I might if I was at a club...
Current nail color: None. Can you believe it? Nope, no blues or blacks at the moment.
Current Activity: IMing with Gabe, listening to my music, and playing alchemy/canasta/bejewled online (not all at once. I keep switching between the three games). Aren't I a grand multi-tasker?

Let's see, what have I done this week... I've been so busy that I'll just keep it short and talk about my incredible weekend.

On Friday Timoni, Luke, and I grabbed some quasi-asian food at a little place near courthouse before driving downtown to the sweet melodies of 'Daft Punk' and 'VHS or Beta' so we could check out the newest in Korean Anime, "Sky Blue". We were pretty stoked because it was supposed to have been 3 years in the making or something, and have incredible artwork. But the experience basically turned into the following dialogue:

Luke: This is the worst dubbing I've ever seen.
Timoni: It's so bad we can't even make fun of it.
Marianne: That raccoon-rodent thing is my favorite character... Because it doesn't try to speak ENGLISH.

**main character gets shot in extremely cheesy manner**

All of us: BRAHA- oops. Everyone else looks sad...
::cover our mouths with hands and snicker through our fingers::

Needless to say, it was a bit of a disappointment, But we had fun anyways, as we always manage to do.

On Saturday, Timoni, Geoff, Garth and I went downtown to catch the Ambulance/VHS or Beta show, but it turned out to be sold out. Undaunted by our bad luck we turned our cold, shivering bodies to the wind and headed over to DC9. On the way we stopped at the Velvet Lounge, because none of us had ever been there and thought it'd be fun to see what it was like. Well let me tell you - it's about 10 feet x 10 feet, smokey and noisy. So we left. There's only so much to see in a tiny little room like that. But hey! It was a new experience, and there ain't nothing wrong with that!

We finally made it over to DC9, grabbed a spot on the couches in the back room for a few hours, and just hung out. Timoni and Geoff got wrapped up in an intellectually stimulating discussion about Dostoevsky while Garth and I got wrapped up in an intellectually stimulating game of drawing cartoons and playing hangman... Sometimes I like to imagine that I'm a brilliant scholar...

And Sunday was church. Then Chris and I hung out for a few hours. Well, actually we studied for a few hours and hung out for about 20 minutes. But it was still fun. Hanging out with Chris always is!

Have a great evening everyone!


cheap-sat said...

oh yeah, the velvet lounge also served as a bathroom area... too cold outside.

quarto said...

That was a totally awesome night. We should repeat. I'm thinking Garth would be in.

Except...we could try another venue. I'm just thinking of how Marianne and I were crying tears of blood from the INCREDIBLY SMOKEY back room.