Sunday, December 18, 2005

Marianne versus the holidays, day 1

Today was what I'd consider my first day of the holidays. Yesterday was my first *free* day, but that was basically catching up on holiday shopping and sleep, and although very enjoyable and fun, I don't think of it as actual vacation time.

So: today I began my holidays with laziness (which I'm hoping to NOT continue) - I basically spent 5 hours reading design magazines and making jewelry at the grounds (actually "Murky Coffee"...). Now I've come home and begun a thorough re-organizing of my room, which I hope to have finished by Wednesday afternoon. That is first on my order of things to do: ORGANIZE the enormous surplus of art supplies and projects strewn about my home.

Other things on my list of "what I want to acheive during my month off" include:

1. museums, museums, museums.
2. Submiting a project to an ID competition.
3. Organizing, photographing, and sending off submissions of my sofites to various independent toy stores.
4. Finishing the painting I've been working on for 6 months.
5. Have slides taken of my paintings and submit them to various shows.
6. um... I know there was a 6...

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