Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Marianne vs the Holidays, day 3

A) Well, yesterday I went to work, cleaned out my room some, and then... just... kinda hung out. I didn't feel much like cleaning by the time I came home from work though, because I'd spent much of the day organizing fabrics in CORE's resource library, and despite the fact that I *like* organizing at CORE (it exposes me to all sorts of cool products & finishes), the thought of more organizing was... well, less-than-appealing, I guess.

B) But today was ALL CLEANING!!! And man, oh man, did I get a lot done. Those of you who had seen my "craft room" previous to this afternoon will likely be stunned - that's mainly Garth, Drea, Rebecca, and Corcoran. Other people will have to take my word for it: it was c-r-a-z-y. But now it's clean:

C) Also today: I kept reading in "Watership Down", which I started yesterday because "wow, I've never actually read that". I'm on chapter 15; it's pretty easy reading, but still - saying I'm on chapter 15 is sort of like saying I'm on Psalm 25. The chapters are short, and there are 50 of them. Basically I'm on page 100 out of about 475.

D) ALLLLLSO, I spent this evening in cozy bliss with some tea and my Moleskine at Murky Coffee. I doodled and sketched, and wrote a bunch of quotes down from my 'Modern Architecture & Design' book. And then I came home, watched several hours of TV, and wrapped gifts **HOORAH!!**

And to change the subject abruptly...

I've just found out that Jason Mraz has a song called "Geek in Pink" or something like that, and somehow I find myself taking offense at his self-proclaimed geekdom. He is not a geek. He is a frat boy. Geeks are awesome people obsessed with odd or quirky things. He is obsessed with Beer and Sex, neither of which is either odd OR quirky. And, furthermore, he is not awesome. Harumph.

Also oddly offensive to me was this: when I was at B&N I saw a copy of "Pride and Prejudice" - or, rather, many copies - on the "New Fiction" table, whose covers had the movie poster from the new movie w/Kiera Knightly. Now, I didn't dislike the movie, but in all fairness, this is OLD fiction, which all of us with culture know. Also with it was Memoirs of a Geisha. Also not new fiction! In fact, it has been on my Favorites list since it actually *was* a new release and I read it in 1999. I mean, I know I'll love the movie, because the story is a-m-a-z-i-n-g, but I don't like the new cover on that either, thank you. And the same goes with the new digitalized Aslan head on Chronicles of Narnia even though I really liked the movie.

Why do these things offend me? I don't know. There are more important things I could worry about... but then again I've never claimed to be normal!

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