Friday, December 30, 2005


I have just found out that my favorite Flickr Buddy is going to stop uploading! I AM DISTRAUGHT!! Seriously... her photos are so great and emotional, and are actually half of the reason I look to see what my "friends" page holds, but alas. There will be no more Roweun for now {:( This is a sad day indeed... This is her, in one of her self-portraits:

In other news, This week has been great for catching up with old friends, and next week promises to be the same. As mentioned before, I got to spend some time with Ginny last weekend, and it's continued from there - On Monday Jen and I went down to the mall, and walked and walked and walked... She'd just gotten a new digicam, and wanted to ty it out on the nation's capital. Our shared photo time was great, not to mention that the weather was GORgeous.

And last night I got to see my neighbor, Scott, who we lived next door to for... uh... 6 or 7 years. He and my brother were inseperable for most of that time. My brother is a lucky man, to have had his best friend right next door!

Also, I began experiments with Resin, and made coasters and little trinket dishes. I was apprehensive going into it because of my past experiences with resin (disaster!) but I came out of it unscathed, and with 4 trinket bowls, and a set of 4 coasters. Well done! *pat my back*

I've realized that I don't like to post wihout pictures. I should start uploading my more recent artwork again, because I feel like... well, I started this blog wanted to put my art up, but I've kinda strayed. Perhaps it can be a new years resolution? We'll just see, won't we? :)

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