Wednesday, December 21, 2005

not necessarily *good*, but I liked it.

Sometimes I wonder at what the heck 'Launch' is thinking - like when I rate "never play artist again', yet they continue to feed me the newest Dave Matthews and J.Lo music. Uhg!

But, perhaps, they get it right once in a rare while. They just played this video of a girl named 'KT Tunstall'. The music was catchy enough, but what was so cool is that she was recording the music and adding layers as she sang live on some tv show like Conan (except not Conan). It had the effect of a band - or at the very least, back-up singers with a tambourine - and I found myself impressed.

That's all. You can check the video out or not. Someone like Timoni probably won't like it, but someone like Ginny might. So. There it is.

And yes, I like Fiona Apple and Beck, but WHY DO THEY KEEP PLAYING ONLY THEM tonight? Variety, please :)

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