Tuesday, December 13, 2005

This entry is purely for Garth, in lieu of an e-mail

  • Glades Herp Inc.

  • On this website, you can buy...

    The Russian Tortoise (starting at $55):

    The Redfoot Tortoise (starting at $95):

    - these turtles have their own book ("practical care & maintenance of the redfoot tortoise"). Apparently they have vocalizations - ie, talk - but they also get pretty big... like... a foot in diameter or something (after 20 years or something). Also go here for these guys:

    The Yellowfoot Tortoise (starting at $125):

    The Ornate Box Turtle ($35, and they have 12 of them... ;)

    The peninsula cooter ($15):

    A Nile Crocodile ($400)

    This picture SLAYS me!!!

    An Albino American Alligator ($150,000) - ps, this website is officially illegal!

    But the main reason I've sent you to this page is so that you can see a big list of available-for-pets tortoises. You may not want to actually get it from them because they seem a bit pricey on the tortoises that you'd want (as opposed to the aquatic turtles that they're selling for round-about $25), and there are tons of dealers all over the place online.

    Also: my research has turned up a surprisingly large amount of herp. conventions in this area; probably about one a month within a couple hours driving distance. We should try to go to one next month once you decide what you want to get. Apparently breeders will sometimes take orders and show up at the convention with your pet, set aside for you to pick up. Hmmm!

    Also see:
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    Marianne said...

    I'm commenting on my own blog.

    Garth, I also found this yesterday, and forgot to show it to you last night. It's a HUUUUGE breeders/dealers list:


    Kimmy Zuckell said...

    Some of those little creatures FRIGHTEN me. Yikes!