Sunday, July 17, 2005

In other news

1. VHS or Beta: BUY THEIR CDS! Or at least get to a show. Timoni, Karl, Luke, Garth, and I all went on Friday, and it was uber wunderbar. I hearted them... is that proper? Are you allowed to past-tense "I heart"? KIM? Do you know (if anyone does, it'll be you :)??

2. I don't have any more Cheerwine points.

3. I DO have a brand new Harry Potter book, which means that tomorrow after church and after we see Willy Wonka I am going to retreat into a world all my own, and ignore every living being until it is finished.

And then I will loan it to Chris (right? I think we said I'd do that...)

4. I **still** cannot find my chapstick.

5. I want to be a full-time artist. Maaaaaaaaaan, I want to do that...

Tell me how I should go about this. Drop out of grad school, work full-time, do art on the side? Finish grad school, work part-time do art on the side? Some other great idea that you can give me which I haven't yet thought of?


Anonymous said...

next time you
come over
ask me for a
c h a p s t i c k

and i


furnish you
with one.


~ G ~

Anonymous said...

How much longer for grad school and how much does it cost (your parents). I need more variables to conduct CBA (cost-benefit-analysis). Here at BOC, several people have retired recently and they have begun to advertise their jobs as professional series statisticians. What is messed up is the person who just had that job (for thirty plus years!) isn't even eligible b/c they don't have the professional series requirements (i.e., a BA with 15 credits in mathmatics/statistics/related field). That's messed up right? Then there are GS-12s who want to apply for supervisory positions (GS-13) and they are, as they have been here 20+ years, qualified, but they don't have the requirements. Back then (when they started here in the 70s and 80s), no one NEEDED a BA. Now they do. What scares me is that someday, we might NEED an MA to get our own job. Get it? Yeah, I'm totally bummed I owe $31K for a MA that I do NOT need for my current job (I just get paid $4103 more a year-- this year anyway-- b/c I have it), but then I realized in 20+ it will be a lot easier to pay off debt than GO BACK and get an MA. Does that answer your question?