Monday, July 18, 2005

On Inspiration From Kim:

Ten Things I Hate!

1. Peanut Butter, celery, and any type of bean
2. People who mimic, copy, or take your ideas and make them their own. Or, similarly, people who take the things you do and make them their own to an extent that everyone starts telling you "oh, you do that too! Just like (insert-name-here)!" Grrrr....
3. Having to stay somewhere after you were supposed to leave (like work)
4. Cleaning my rabbit's cage.
5. My "blinker one" is a little more specific - drivers who wait until they're at the light to signal so you're stuck behind them and have to watch everyone else zoom past you in the right lane... WHERE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN! If they just don't use the blinker at all then I have to give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's just broken.
6. When I know exactly what I'm trying to paint and I can't get it on the canvas because I'm having a brain-fart in the nerves between brain and hand.
7. Panic attacks...
8. People who don't understand hyperboles.
9.Men who take advantage of women's emotions (or women's other things)
10. Dead bugs.
11. People who look down on you if their point of view is different from you (ie, the type of non-christians who think I'm a brainwashed idiot for believing in something so trite as God)

... I can't think of anything else...


Anonymous said...

The inspiration:

(11) Things I hate (some of which I am passionate at this very moment):

1. People who don't RSVP. For the love people, it's "respond PLEASE". How can you respond to good manners with such heinous ones?
2. People who spit in water fountains. Again, just bad manners. Other options, such as garbage cans and bathroom sinks are a few steps away. If you can't keep your bodily fluids to yourself, at least make an effort to dispose of them properly.
3. The Baltimore Ravens
4. The Cleveland Browns.
5. Sitting at the SAME red light (or as everyone NOT from Western PA says, traffic light) more than once. The light outside my office takes 4 minutes to cycle. The direction I'm going only gets 25 seconds, long enough for approxamately 4 cars. I'm OFTEN the 5th car. Damn!
6. The fact that all NASCAR Nextel Cup races aren't always on network television. I have to endure golf on two channels (NBC and ABC) while listening to the race on the radio-- why?
7. Tea bags that are left lying haphazardly around. When you take that thing out of your cup, throw it away!
8. Pentagon City Parking. They have the new EZ out system which means you stand in line to pay for parking BEFORE you go to your car. Then you get in your car (prepaid exit ticket in hand) and you have to wait in an additional line at the exit lane to insert your ticket. It's so dumb. Don't do it people-- just take your first ticket and wait for the cashier, it's so much quicker. What they need instead of EZ out is EZ Pass-- then we can just drive on through.
9. The fact that the Giant by my house never has lettuce. Lettuce. I'm not talking about some gourmet ingredient, I'm talking about lettuce. They never have it. NEVER. Lindsey, back me up on this.
10. The words conversate, irregardless, and backwards AND hearing them used in ignorance.
11. Celery. Such a shame too because it's a food that takes more calories to digest than the colories it provides. [God laughs].

cheap-sat said...

2 things I hate:

1.Washing my hands and not getting all the soap out from between my fingers.
2.The world

Anonymous said...

I do not like these 10 things
Not at all...

1. Not having enough time.
2. Being constantly tired (see #1).
3. People who go out of their way to impress me instead of just being their twitchy, awkward selves.
4. Misunderstandings.
5. Impressionism.
6. Bungled Plans.
7. A "win at any cost" attitude.
8. Not having a car.
9. Assumptions (just in general).
10. Letting myself down.
11. Lists of 10 that go to 11. :)

~ & ~

Marianne said...

I, too hate waiting at the same light more than once. It's so stupid, and I feel totally ROBBED of 45 seconds, or... in Kim's case, a whole 4 minutes (Is it even LEGAL for a light to take that long to change?)

And "GOOD!" is what I have to say to our agreeal on the atrocity that is: celery.

Marianne said...

That not-getting-all-the-soap-out thing seems to happen to me a lot...


Marianne said...

(&) - I fear that #2 is indeed my fault :)