Thursday, November 24, 2005

I find myself feeling thanks for...

- Reunions with old friends! My friend Kayti from the 4th grade found me on My Space. It was really exciting (oh man, I'm such a dork)!!! No, but for serious. We were totally inseparable for a while there. What happened??

- Friends in general - that's a "dur" thanks though :)

- Delicious food - I had so much studying to do that my mom and dad prepared the whole TG meal today without my help, and BOY was it delicious. D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S.

- Heat lamps - my poor bunny is freezing cold in the garage.

- TV - to play in the background while I work on drafting stuffs.

- band-aids - I sliced my thumb open with an exacto knife today. OUCH! But it's warm and clean now; ahhhhh.

- Architectural scales and drafting triangles - No, really. They make life easy.


What I WISH I was thankful for: resin. But I'm not. I tried making coasters this evening during a break from studying, and all I really acheived was dizziness from inhaling the massive amount of fumes that overtook our house. The resin never hardened. And one of the molds spilled all over and I had to throw them both away - that was $6 of molds down the drain! *sigh* But hey, it was fun. Probably because of the previously mentioned fumes.


Anonymous said...

Haha its crazy because I found Susan on myspace, and looked at her friends and OMG there you were!! Blasts from the past! One thing you forgot is soccer!!!! Remember Lolo?

What struck me as really fascinating was you were an artist too :D

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! We should totally catch up sometime :)


Marianne said...

Yeah! Soccer sure was fun. And we were soooo good at it ;) And I remember riding at Shadybrook. Jim was a CRAZY stable owner.