Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I hate finals week(s)

I don't often use the word hate. In fact, when I was on LiveJournal I did a whole post about the few things I actually HATE:

1. Dave Matthews' music (Haha, now lots of people hate ME!!)
2. Beanie Weenies - This actually goes beyond Beanie Weenies to include beans of any variety, whether paired with pork, chili, or... even velveeta cheese. Because, you know, Velveeta is supposed to make everything better. The smallprint on their packaging should be required by law to say "Slogan not valid when used with beans".
3. My Printer. [it was very broken at the time]
4. Dead Bugs. Ok, I realize you're probably thinking "only DEAD bugs?" Well... yeah, pretty much. I'm AFRAID of cockroaches because the ones over here grow to roughly the size of a komodo dragon, but I don't HATE them - I can just chase them away. They're very nervous little fellows, and are kind enough to run off at the slightest provocation. I only hate them when they're dead. They freaks me out. It's one of those things. Just don't ask.
5. Peanuts and peanut products.
6. Life Cereal. Do you remember Life? "Mikey Likes It!" Well, I don't. And when they used the slogan "Unless your kids are weird, they'll like it", I was all "Oh man, this is bad news. I'm weird." It was the first of many signs... ;)

I can't really think of anything else I hate. That's a good thing, I'm pretty sure. I just realized that the things I really, truly dislike are things that most people love. What's wrong with me? Hmm. It'd probably be difficult to pinpoint any one thing, so let's leave that one unanswered.

The actual entry was much longer, but you don't need to read all of the details. The point is - I'm adding to the list:
#7. The last two or three weeks of grad-school semesters.

I've essentially been turned into a studying ogre (if Warcraft was real, and I was in it, I'd be a frightening creature named something like "Scholasticus"). I can't see my friends because I'm studying. I can't make any crafts because I'm studying. When I DO get to see my friends, they have to pretend I'm not around and let me study. My main example is Garth, because I've spent several evenings sitting at his table and ignoring him. I feel like a jerk, and despite his assurances that it's no problem I know it's annoying. And so I think that instead of studying with friends - as much as *I* enjoy it - won't happen anymore because the friend I'm with doesn't.


AND FURTHERMORE - !!!! - One of my required courses for next semester is only offered on a Wednesday night, so I have to drop my Bible Study for REAL now. How much does that suck??

A LOT. >:p

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quarto said...

That really sucks and I am trying not to think about. :( You need to come by ONE LAST TIME for a GOODBYE!!!