Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Samples: the joy and bane of my existence

Holy cow... I can find everything in the world online, but apparently my powers of online-look-upability have been overcome by the hiding prowess of metal manufacturers willing to send out samples of their finishes (presumably because they are heavy...?)

If anybody knows where to get a sample of the metal that I'm picturing in my head for the Earthworks storefront... NOW IS THE TIME TO SPEAK UP ! ! !

In other news: on the way to Garth's apartment this afternoon to study on his computer/order various samples in the warmth of his office-chair-gone-domestic (while he baked pie), I drove for several blocks behind a black Nissan pick-up truck with a bumper sticker that read:
my other ride is your mom.


1 comment:

quarto said...

That' s the best bumper sticker ever, btw. :)