Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Jumping rope on a ball!

Oh also, there are a couple of things I'm on the lookout for - help me out if you can :)

A) I want to get some of those sun-paper things that I used as a kid - the blue paper that you lay out in the sun with a shape on top of it, and it develops into a print. Do you know what I'm talking about? Yeah. I want some of those. I found some old ones in my closet, but they were too old to use.

B) New tea. ... That's all. Tell me your favorite kinds - I might try one :)

C) A "Sharp As Toast" t-shirt. Prefferably the one that says "Mr. Tooth Decay's real name is communism." or the one that says "Kick a commie for Ronnie" (I'm also fond of the Chester A Arthur shirt). (
  • sharp as toast)

  • D) Chocolate from:
  • Cocoa Vino (omg... yumm...)
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    Diverse Hats said...

    I would SO LOVE the "Kick a Commie for Ronnie" shirt!!
    please share when you find it.