Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Inspired by...

  • 100 Things about Me

  • Things about myself.

    + I talk to animals. All the time.
    + When I'm having a terrible day, one of my favorite remedies is to dress up. If I can't feel good, I should LOOK good.
    + Everytime I pass a rose I stop to smell it.
    + I love catching june bugs and japanese beetles.
    + I also love holding cicadas.
    + I don't like spicy food.
    + My feet haven't grown since the 6th grade.
    + I haven't thrown up since I was 4.
    + The last book I bought was book 8 in the 10 volume set of Kodocha. But that's not really a book. It's a graphic novel.
    + I don't like giving change out to the homeless because I'm afraid they'll spend it on booze.
    + When I'm waiting in line at a store and I have cash in my hand, I compare the different treasurer's signatures on bills.
    + When I go through a yellow light, I kiss my fingertips and then tap the ceiling of my car.
    + Sometimes I wonder what my nose might look like if I had plastic surgery.
    + I won the Biology award at my highschool.
    + I also won the Art award (it sounds so vague, I know).
    + I hate reality TV.
    + The thing that relaxes me most is someone scratching my back.
    + Horror movies scare me, but I pretend that I'm not scared.
    + I rarely go the speed limit.
    + I really miss Nick at Nite when Mr. Ed, Donna Reed, My Three Sons, I love Lucy, Green Acres, Bewitched, etc were aired every night.
    + It annoys me that toys from the 1980s are making a come-back because it makes me feel less privledged and unique.
    + I had my heart broken for the first time when I was only 9 years old.
    + My favorite stamp right now is the Buckmeister Fuller stamp.
    + I like to recycle, even though I know it doesn't really help.
    + When I buy candy I eat it all within 24 hours, even if it's quite a lot.
    + Every time I see a fox I think of Todd.
    + I don't like really ice cream cones. I preffer a cup.
    + I don't take medication because my body goes haywire.
    + It's difficult for me to prepare for things in advance.
    + Even though I don't like peanut butter, sometimes I crave a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
    + I want to be a celebrity.
    + I don't like my handwriting.
    + I am very loyal, but I get hurt easily because I'm always trying to make people happy... so if they complain, or suggest I've done something wrong it makes me sad.
    + Someday I want to own a great dane.
    + When I get dressed in the morning, I put on my socks before my shirt.
    + When I was in college and felt lonely, I would walk through the neighborhoods around school and pet people's cats. If I sat on the sidewalk outside their house while doing so, I would look at the house and make up stories about what went on inside.
    + misspelled words are a turn off, even though I sometimes do it.
    + I like to sit with my feet tucked up under me.
    + I love squirrels.
    + I don't trust hair-dressers, and usually cut my own hair.
    + When I sit next to the window at night, I'm nervous that someone might be looking in at me.
    + I pretend that I love the rain, but really I only love it in certain conditions.
    + Sometimes I tell lies.
    + I like to give gifts, or shop for other people.
    + I'm not really sure what's in Maryland, or why people live there.
    + I have had a cavity in mot of my teeth because I used to eat so much hard candy and chew gum. Now I don't eat hard candy, and only chew sugar-free gum.
    + Sometimes I wish I had more courage to do the things I wish I could do.
    + I hate it when people don't use their turn signal until they're at the turn or the light has already changed.
    + My favorite drink is water.
    + Sometimes I'm suspicious of other women, but often I can't pin-point why.
    + I'm afraid of dying by heart-attack because it's so sudden and quick you can't wrap up affairs or say your good byes.
    + I'm lazy about putting new toilet paper on the toilet paper holder.
    + I like to neaten other people's things, but not my own.
    + When I get the new commemorative quarters I look to see which mint it was made at - philly or denver.


    Kimmy Zuckell said...

    (2) Unrelated Comments:

    1. When I went to Boulder, I went to Denver with my friend one day. She droped me off to explore while she went to work. One of the things I did there was go to the mint. (I also went to a movie- "O", got a shoe shine, toured the Capitol, climbed the stairs to the Capitol's overlook and saw Pike's Peek, took photos in a flower garden, got asked to be a model, got lost and found). The mint was awesome and one of my favorite parts was the commemorative quarter selections. They don't always know in advance WHICH design they will choose, but they narrow it down to four or five and display those. I picked my favorites for Indaiana, Ohio, and others, but had to wait a year or more to see which one they would choose! Sometimes I was disappointed. At any rate, it was very exciting to me.

    2. I also want to own a Great Dane! They are a beautiful and loving breed. My friends Brian and KC (The Markwoods) had two, a 9-mo girl Sophie and her brother from another litter, 6-mo old Murphy. I visited Friday-- so cute!! Unfortunately, Sophie died on Saturday. The dogs were playing and Murphy's mouth got caught on Sophie's CLOTH colar, but got so far back in Murphy's mouth, KC couldn't get it off and Sophie was being choked and there wasn't enough slack to get scissors or a knife in there AND contain both dogs. She realized it was real bad and ran to get the neighbor, but it was too late. Sophie was gone. The worst part was Brian wasn't home and how it happened. KC is very upset; she cried today on the phone b/c Sophie really was a gentle lovable girl, but i had her laughing before we hung up.

    Anyway, yeah, I love those dogs and as soon as I have an apartment that allows big dogs or a house I am getting one. My parents already agreed to watch him/her anytime I'm on travel.

    Marianne said...

    Well, apparently as soon as I can get an apartment, you and I should get one TOGETHER, because then we can pool our money for an apartment that allows Great Danes (they're not the most active dogs either, so despite their large size, they don't demand a huge living space as long as they get walked).

    Garth's apartment building allows dogs - there's an English Sheep Dog there, so maybe they allow big dogs. But, alas, there's no way to get an apartment there b/c they're all either sold out or way too expensive. BAH! ;)

    Anonymous said...

    You would probably like japanese beetles less if you had one fly up your nose when you were eight. The doctor had to use some crazy-looking wrench-thing to get it out. Now maybe after hearing that, you'll like them less...


    Anonymous said...

    oh, and ps--great danes are my favorite ever!