Wednesday, November 23, 2005

random in the japanese news...

+ One of Japans hottest new fashion brands is called "Bathing Ape in Lukewater"

+ Yoshinoya isn't just expanding in NY (I go there every time I'm in the city :)- it's growing in China too!!

+ "otaku" culture (manga and anime) is a 2-trillion-yen market

+ sales of "bottled tap water" (yes, the title is literal) are going up.

+ so are sales of "on-the-go" food packaging: foods like jello or yogurt put into squeezable baggie-bottle-things.

+ enter stage right: kuchofuku - "air-conditioned clothing".

+ enter stage left: "intelligent toilets" - all in one trip to the potty it will monitor your blood-sugar, blood-pressure, weight, and body-fat percentage.

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